It’s 2016 And A Period Advert Has Finally Shown Some Blood


Bodyform’s new ad aims to breakdown period taboos by featuring actual blood [Photo: Bodyform]

Props to Bodyform for finally making a sanitary towel advert that features actual blood. In a move away from the typical girl-rollerskating-on-a-beach type theme, the sanitary towel brand have chosen to opt for something way more realistic. And people are absolutely loving it.

From scraped knees after falling over running, to painfully raw toes due to ballet, and bloody heads from a rugby scrap, the ad shows women fiercely competing in a number of different sporting activities and ends with the tagline ‘No blood should hold us back’.


The message of the ad has been hailed as empowering [Photo: Bodyform]

The ad’s empowering message is clear: women bleed in a variety of different settings, not just when they’re menstruating. Or, as the ad itself puts it, “Women bleed in sport all the time, but it doesn’t hold them back. Why should periods be any different?”

The ad offers a refreshing departure from the shiny, happy towel/tampon commercials that usually grace our screens. But in a move that aims to portray periods like the bloody reality they are, the advert is missing one vital trick: featuring actual period blood.


The ad features women bleeding after taking part in a variety of sports [Photo: Bodyform]

Still, anything that helps breakdown period stigmas and stops the world treating menstruation like a huge secret has got to be a good thing. And maybe next time they’ll replace that mysterious blue liquid they always pour on a pad for some real blood instead.

In the meantime, shout out to Bodyform for at least attempting to tackle the non-blood period ad taboo.

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