These £450 Dirty Sneakers Have Been Criticised For Mocking The Poor


[Photo: Barneys]

Have you ever noticed the way that the richer some people get, the shabbier they dress? Whether it’s distressed jeans, grungy second-hand jackets or messy hair, it’s almost as if once they have enough money to buy new clothes, they go full circle and buy scruffy ones instead.

And many believe that one fashion brand has taken this concept too far as they’ve started selling trainers that are sold with dirt and holes already on them.

Fancy clothing label Golden Goose is selling Distressed Superstar Sneakers at Barneys for a whopping £450 a pair.


[Photo: Barneys]

Available in a wide variety of colours, the shoes come with dirty white soles and pre-worn-out laces.

Some even appear to be held together with duct tape.

This isn’t an entirely new trend - trendy stores have sold ‘pre-distressed’ trainers and other items of clothing for years.

But while many of us don’t blink an eye about some artfully torn jeans, these shoes are ruffling people’s feathers, and people have accused the brand of glamorising poverty.

Scottish comedian Limmy went onto Twitter to accuse the sellers of “poverty appropriation” and said: “I’ve got a pair of Adidas Sambas that are in that state. The sole has a hole in them with cycling. Yours for £499.”

Meanwhile another Twitter user said that the sneakers’ existence proved that “rich jerks spend whatever to appear down to earth/working class”.

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