The secret to better-tasting Prosecco? Big bubbles

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We’re all a fan of bubbly – Prosecco, cava, and especially at this special time of year, Champagne.

And if you’re after a bottle to really impress your guests, besides getting one with a shiny label, the best type you can get is one with big bubbles.

Researchers in France’s Champagne-Ardenne region have found that larger bubbles might mean sparkling wine tastes better.

Bigger bubbles improve the release of aerosols into the air above the glass, meaning that that smell and flavour we love so much is delivered straight to your nose.

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By big, the researchers mean around 3.4mm across at the wine’s surface.

Prof Gérard Liger-Belair, leader of the research and physicist at the University of Reims, told the Guardian: “This result is remarkable as it undermines the popular belief that the smaller the bubbles, the better the champagne.

“Small bubbles were the worst in terms of aroma release.”

He explained that bubble size in sparkling wine varies widely, from 0.4mm to 4mm, and the size of the bubbles can be affected by anything from the thickness of the drink to the glass it’s poured into.

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And thanks to the research, we could be looking at a future of even tastier wines.

“We showed that decreasing champagne viscosity would improve drop evaporation,” said Liger-Belair.

“Additives that would change wine viscosity without changing the taste might be used.

“These results pave the way towards fine tuning of champagne aroma diffusion.”

So, just to check – better tasting sparkling wine? We’re in.

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