Could this device cure your wine hangover?

Glass of white wine
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‘Tis the season to drink plenty of wine, especially if it’s bubbly or mulled.

But it’s the season of hangovers as well – not to mention that particularly memorable one you’ll have on Christmas day.

So it’s pretty wonderful news if one device, which some believe could help with wine hangovers, works.

Üllo from Chicago reckon they’ve developed a filtering system which eliminates sulfites – which are believed to play a part in your wine headache, meaning you could guzzle your favourite drink with less of those next-day pains.

Ullo filter
[Photo: Üllo]

There are many ways in which you can filter your wine – products include decanters, carafes and purifiers from around £65.00, though you’ll need to by filters too at £2.50 a pop.

The system’s founder, James Kornacki, had plenty to say about it as he told

“It takes the sulfites right out of the wine and it’s the first product to do that,” he said.

“What enables this product is the select sulfite-capture technology that I developed which treats sulfites more as like something that can be pulled out with a magnet.

Wine and food
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He added: “We don’t screw up the wine chemistry.

“Wine is one of the most complex beverages that we know of—there are about 1,000 compounds in there.”

It sounds a little too good to be true, but no harm in hoping, right?

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