The new 'Tinder for mothers' app which allows you to swipe to find new mum mates

A new app designed to help new mums to meet other like-minded parents has launched [Photo: Getty]
A new app designed to help new mums to meet other like-minded parents has launched [Photo: Getty]

Being a new parent can be tough. Everything you knew and loved about your life before is suddenly no more. The sleep, the me-time, the friends. Well, ok you don’t necessarily lose all your mates the minute you give birth, but you may find you’re no longer on the same page as your besties.

What you need is some mummy mates to help support, guide and gossip your way through the motherhood minefield.

But while you might think signing yourself up to as many mother and baby clubs will be the perfect way to meet your new BMFF (Best Mum Friend Forever), the reality is often quite different.

Because meeting mum friends is a little like dating, not only is it tricky to spot someone you’re going to get along with, but you might find that after a few awkward mum dates, aside from the fact you both have shiny newborns, you actually have nothing in common.

New motherhood can be lonely [Photo: Getty]
New motherhood can be lonely [Photo: Getty]

So what’s a new mum to do?

Well, step forward new app Peanut, a sort of Tinder for new parents which aims to help hook up mums with similar interests and experiences.

It’s the brainchild of Michelle Kennedy who had her lightbulb moment after feeling isolated soon after her son was born three years ago. A founding member of the dating app, Bumble, and former executive of the European networking service Badoo, Michelle decided to put her technology experience to create a social app to connect new mums.

You log-in via Facebook and are invited to enter details including your child’s age, gender, whether you work full or part-time or are a stay at home mum and what your interests are. The app will suggest women who might become your new mum buddies.

Peanut has been described as the 'Tinder for mums' [Photo: Peanut]
Peanut has been described as the ‘Tinder for mums’ [Photo: Peanut]

Like dating apps, Peanut uses a swiping mechanism to connect potential friends – a swipe up will give the other mum a wave, and a swipe down lets you skip their profile. But unlike Tinder, it’s not about how people instantly look, but more about focusing on helping users find other parents with shared interests. You can connect individually, or form groups.

The idea is to help women make meaningful connections based on common values and interests, rather than just the fact that they are a parent.

Though the app is available to all in the app store, most of the women on Peanut live in London or New York. Users who don’t have any matches in their area can still see matches from elsewhere, however.

Forget shuffling nervously up to another mother at the swing park, because finding new mum mates just got a whole lot easier.

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