Jools Oliver speaks for the first time about the miscarriage she suffered

Jools Oliver has revealed that she suffered a previous miscarriage [Photo: Getty]
Jools Oliver has revealed that she suffered a previous miscarriage [Photo: Getty]

She’s been open about her past struggles to conceive, but now Jools Oliver has revealed for the first time that she previously suffered a miscarriage.

The wife of TV chef, Jamie Oliver, did not elaborate on when the tragic loss occurred but opened up about the fact that it made it difficult for her to enjoy the early stages of her pregnancies.

“I had a miscarriage at three months, which makes you so worried once you are pregnant again – it makes it impossible to enjoy the early stages of pregnancy,” the mum-of-five said.

Jools and Jamie, who married in 2000, are parents to daughters Poppy Honey, 14, Daisy Boo, 13, Petal Blossom, seven, and son Buddy Bear, six, as well as six month old baby River Rocket – but the 42-year-old went on to say that little River may not be the last addition to the Oliver brood.

“I’ll never really draw the line,” she said. “[River]’s six months now, so we’re past the really difficult sleepless first few months. He’s such a joy. I’m getting older, but I’d definitely do it again if I could. I think Jamie’s finished, but you just never know!”

Jools and Jamie Oliver just after announcing she was pregnant with her fifth child [Photo: Getty]
Jools and Jamie Oliver just after announcing she was pregnant with her fifth child [Photo: Getty]

Jools’ tragic admission comes as she announced the launch of a limited edition Little Bird babygrow at Mothercare to help fund research into baby loss.

A donation (£1) from each sale of the ‘My Rainbow Baby’ bodysuit will go to Tommy’s, a charity funding research into pregnancy problems that lead to miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth.

“It’s such a responsibility to represent a charity that does such important work,” Jools told the Daily Mail.

“I had a close friend whose baby was stillborn, and I can’t even imagine how you begin to cope with something like that.”

Jools isn’t the first celebrity to open up about miscarriage in a bid to raise awareness of the subject. Despite the fact that stats reveal one in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, a recent survey revealed that one in two women thought miscarriage was uncommon. There are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding the topic, which is often why women with a public profile choose to speak out.

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In her 2013 HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream, the Grammy winner revealed that she suffered a miscarriage before having daughter Blue Ivy, now 5. The singer, who recently announced she was pregnant with twins, spoke about finding out she was expecting and the pain that came when she learned the baby had been lost.

“There are so many couples that go through that and it was a big part of my story,” she told Oprah later that year.

Lily Allen has also discussed the pain she went through after suffering a stillbirth in 2010, just two years after losing a child to miscarriage.

The singer spoke about the depression that followed the loss of her child when she was six-months pregnant.

“It’s not something that you get over,” she revealed. “I held my child and it was horrific and painful — one of the hardest things that can happen to a person.”

Lily is now a mum to two daughters, Ethel, 4 and Marnie, 3.

Lily Allen has also spoken honestly about her own pregnancy loss [Photo: Getty]
Lily Allen has also spoken honestly about her own pregnancy loss [Photo: Getty]

Pink is another celebrity who has spoken honestly about her pregnancy lost. The singer first revealed that she was pregnant with her daughter during a 2010 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show saying she’d put off making the announcement because of her miscarriage experience. “I didn’t want to talk about it because I was just really nervous, and I have had a miscarriage before,” she said.

A recent survey revealed that 40 percent of participants who’d experienced pregnancy loss said they felt very alone in the aftermath. But a separate survey found that 46 percent of respondents who’d miscarried said they felt less alone when friends talked about their own miscarriages. And a celebrity’s disclosure of miscarriage also helped. So, in speaking out about their own loss, female celebrities are helping to get the conversation started and providing support and comfort to other women who may be suffering in silence.

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