The Life Edit Podcast: Did astrology predict the pandemic?

Watch: Could astrologers have predicted the pandemic?

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Whether we truly believe in astrology or not, most of us check our horoscopes 'just in case'. The influence of the planets is embedded in our lives, from the old 'what's your star sign?' chat-up line to blaming messed-up communications on mercury going retrograde.

This week, the Life Edit Podcast delves deeper into the world of astrology, and asks all the big questions - which star signs are compatible when it comes to love? What does your 'moon sign' mean? And if the planets can really affect our lives so powerfully - could astrology have predicted the pandemic?

Presenter Flic Everett is joined by Romanian-born astrologer Ruxandra for this very special episode.

"Horoscopes are based on your sun sign," she says, "but astrology is much more complicated that that."

For a true reading, she explains, you need a birth chart drawn up: "A map of the sky at the moment you were born.

"Real astrology is much more deep and profound and complex and complicated than just reading your horoscope!"

Rux's fascination began when she had her birth chart drawn up in Romania. "A decade later, I'm still learning. Astrology is just a language that you have to learn to speak and offers us a tool for understanding what's going on in our lives."

But can it predict the future, and should we be looking for a tall, dark stranger and keeping an eye out for a red car and a winning lottery ticket?

"It helps us predict the cycles of our lives," Rux explains. "It's not exact, but it can help to guide us."

Rux explains how it works scientifically (honest, it's very convincing) and reveals how the planetary arrangement at our births affects our personalities throughout life.

"There is some truth to what they say about Virgos being neat and tidy, and Leos enjoying the stage," she says, "those may be core values, but plenty depends on your moon and rising sign, too."

Rux even explains that we can predict events of great magnitude by analysing the slower moving planets. When the pandemic started, there was a very rare meeting between Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, "a rare occurrence that happens only every couple of hundred years".

Rux details how the planets coming together can impact society as a whole, and can mark significant events on Earth - such as COVID-19 - and she predicts what will happen next year, based on the skies.

Hear more from Rux at Written in the Stars and subscribe to her regular podcast here.

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