The internet is arguing about what makes a proper roast dinner


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There’s one thing that almost every Brit agrees on - a proper roast dinner is an unbeatable meal.

But what isn’t so easy to agree on, it turns out, is what a ‘proper’ roast dinner is actually made up of. How do you have your potatoes, for example? Is broccoli a feature piece? Bread sauce or no bread sauce?

Because for those of us that have practically had the same roast dinner cooked for us by our family for years, that is what a real roast is, and we’re willing to fight to the death to prove that ours is the correct one.

So this is exactly what’s happening on the internet - a full-scale, roast dinner turf war.

It all began with a few people on Twitter reminiscing about their perfect roast - but disagreements soon arose.

First was the mighty mashed potato debate.

And what about broccoli?

Are sweetcorn or garden peas a crime against roasts?

Some even believe chicken doesn’t belong in a roast dinner. Chicken.

And then the most shocking allegation of them all - that gravy has no place on a roast dinner plate.

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