Organic food basically a waste of money, says science

[Photo: Pexels]

Whether you’re a fan of organic food or not, one thing’s for sure; it’s way more expensive than non-organic food.

And according to one science YouTube channel, it might be a total waste of money too, as a load of evidence it rounded up suggests it’s no better for us either.

ASAP Science says while the term ‘organic’ basically means something grown without the use of synthetic fertiliser or pesticides, this is actually “a little bit misleading”.

“Many consumers buy organic to avoid pesticides altogether,” the video explains.

“But the truth is, organic farmers can still use pesticides to stop insects from destroying their crops - they just can’t be synthetically made,”

“Some studies have shown that natural pesticides are actually a more serious health and environmental risk than man-made ones.

“Not to say they’re all bad, but simply that ‘natural’ doesn’t always mean better for you or the environment.”

And when it comes to the environment, organic crops actually put more strain on it because more farm land is required to grow them.

[Photo: Pexels]

Finally, a 2012 Stanford study analysed 237 previous studies of organic foods and found that most were “no more nutritious than conventionally grown foods”.

So if buying organic is taking away a big proportion of your food budget, perhaps it’s time to re-think your spending.

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