The Duchess Of Cambridge Has A Lookalike Taking Part In The Olympics

[Photo: Getty/Rex]

The Duchess of Cambridge may’ve only just returned back from a week in France with her family but there are those that are convinced she’s had time to jet over to Rio - and take part in the Olympics.

The 34-year-old royal may be a fan of sports (she’s attended numerous Wimbledon matches, polo games and happily taken part in a huge array of sporting activities during royal engagements over the year) but we can assure you that she most certainly doesn’t moonlight as an Olympic cyclist.

The Duchess has been confused with a woman 10 years her junior: Pauline Ferrand-Prevot from the French cycling team who does bare a vague resemblance to Kate. While us Brits are accustomed with poring over photos of the Duchess on a weekly basis, we can see how people who live in other countries - who aren’t perhaps as familiar with the mum of two - could mix up the two.

Their teeth, eyebrows and bone structure are remarkably similar, but Pauline’s hair is blonde while Kate’s, as we all know, is a brunette.

Her doppelgänger claim to fame aside, Pauline deserves a shout out for her achievements in the sporting world. She’s the first woman in the history of cycling to hold the World Road, World Cyclo-Cross and World Mountain Bike titles at the same time - quite a feat.

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