The Colour Of Your Undies Can Affect Your Mood (And Why You Should Never Wear Black Pants!)

The colour of your undies can affect your mood [Photo: Rex Features]

Feeling a little bit meh? It could be to do with the colour of your pants. Yes, really! Just ask Anjel O’Bryant, Australia’s leading colour-response analyst (that’s an actual job y’know!) who believes that the colour of your smalls can have a very real effect on your mood. Who knew?

“Colour is an untapped source of energy and it can work in your favour,” she told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Anjel explains that our bodies and minds are able to respond to colour through our base chakra, which is at the bottom of the spine.

Each colour vibrates at different levels and even though you can’t see your undies, the effects of these vibrations can be felt all over your body and into your brain.

“Picking the right colours, particularly when it comes to your underwear, can enhance and even change your life,” she says.

Colours are good, neutrals are bad! [Photo: Rex Features]

So what colour should our knicks be?

Anjel swears by red pants “I wear red underwear every day because it gives me the energy and boost I need to power through 14 hours at work,” she explained. She also recommends wearing deep blue if you’ve got an important job interview. “It’s a very calming colour, it says I’m very professional,” she told Mail Online.

But, there’s bad news for anyone who swears by good ole M&S black, white or grey undies because they either have negative energy, or they don’t “vibrate” at all.

Time to switch up your small ladies.

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