The Best Red Wine In The World Costs Less Than A Fiver


Red wine connoisseurs, you may want to get yourselves down the the shops. ASAP.

The Decanter World Wine Awards has once again tested around 16,000 wines to bring you the best wine in the world. And this year it seems you really are “better off at Asda”.


[Photo: ASDA]

Yes, the budget supermarket’s bottle of La Moneda Reserva Malbec plonk from Chile won this year’s title due to its “succulent juicy berries” and was named as the “ultimate crowd pleaser”.

For once, we don’t have to brace ourselves for an outrageous price as this bottle comes in at a bargain £4.37. At under a fiver, it has already sold out online so you may want to run/climb/Boris Bike your way to the nearest Asda on your lunch break.

It’s not even like red wine is all that bad for you (we like to think). Seriously though, it has numerous benefits. But did you know red wine hair care is now a thing? Yes, really.

Apparently red wine works wonders on damaged locks. So what do we need to know before we go dunking a bottle of wine on our heads?

The polyphenols contained in the tipple help to strengthen and repair hair leaving it bouncy and beautiful. Well cheers to that.

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As you can imagine, it could get a little messy. So, we don’t recommend you put the drink straight on your hair. Instead, Vive De La Vie has created a range of shampoos and conditioners with wine curing features so that our red wine can stay firmly in our glasses.

Either way, this is all a great excuse to buy more of our fave beverage… so that’s cool.

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