Tequila can help you lose weight, say scientists

woman doing tequila shot
Woman eating lemon slice with tequila shot [Photo: Getty]

Science has officially proven what us tequila drinkers have known all along: it’s awesome.

No, really. The American Chemical Society discovered a link between tequila and weight loss while researching the spirit’s effect on blood sugar levels.

Turns out, the natural sugars in agave plants (which tequila is made from) cannot be digested. Instead, they act as a dietary fibre and have no effect on blood sugar.

The scientists gave agave sugars, or ‘agavins’, to a group of mice and found they ate less, lost weight and had lower blood sugar levels compared to if they were fed other sweeteners like glucose, fructose, sucrose, and aspartame.

They also discovered agavins stimulate the body’s production of insulin, making it a possible sweetener for diabetics.

If tequila’s not your tipple, don’t panic – there’s even more good news for wine-lovers.

Drinking wine apparently engages more of our brains than solving maths problems, can help prevent a stroke, and even prevent you from getting a cold. Oh, and there’s the five extra years it could add to your life, NBD.

Health Benefits of Wine: What It Can (and Can't) Do for You
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