How Did You Discover Your Partner Had A Secret Child While You Were Together?

Learning your partner cheated is bad enough, but discovering that they had a child and kept it a secret from you is a whole other level of screwed up. And if that's ever happened to you, I need to know your story.

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For example, maybe you went into your husband's truck one day because you dropped your wallet in there, and while you were looking for it, you found a baby bottle under the passenger seat. But the only child you have is 17 years old.

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Or maybe you were catching up with one of your best friends, and when they saw you, they said, "Congrats!" And when you asked why they said that, they shared they recently saw your boyfriend at the store buying baby supplies. However, you were not pregnant.

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Or maybe you'd been married for over 15 years and had a kid together, but one day, you were going through your finances and found your spouse had been making a recurring monthly payment to someone for the past 10 years. Upon further investigation, you learned the money was to the mother of your husband's secret child. A child who was also two years older than your own son.

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Tell us the way you discovered your spouse had a secret child (or use this Google Form if you want to be anonymous). You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Post or Video.