78-year-old grandmother's confession to her taxi driver goes viral

One taxi driver had a life-changing conversation with a customer [Photo: Getty]
One taxi driver had a life-changing conversation with a customer [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all been guilty of awarding our Uber driver extra stars for allowing us to sit in complete silence on the journey home but you never know, you might just strike up a life-changing conversation.

One Twitter user proved it, after sharing a now-viral love story which turned the Internet’s heart “into a puddle”.

An anonymous woman who goes by the social media handle, @Cimónalisa 7.15, told followers about the moving conversation she recently had with a 78-year-old customer.

According to the social media thread, the woman kick-started the car chat by asking the driver if she’d ever been with a woman to which she replied: “Yes”.

“At first I was like... umm grandma, this is weird,” the Twitter user revealed. “But she told me she thinks she’s in love with her best friend since childhood.”

The passenger then went on to ask her about what sex with a female partner is like.

“I told her it felt like taking a fresh shower, getting a massage head to toe and then having sex with myself,” she continued. “Like a copy of me in person rubbing all of everything together and feeling solely pleasure, no pain.”

To which the woman replied, “Wow, that sounds way better than being with a man.”

The pair then went on to discuss the elderly woman’s former partners with her explaining that although she has shared “great memories” with her ex-husbands, she’s never felt “truly satisfied”.

“She said she wishes her generation wasn’t so closed off and stuck up about sexuality because she wouldn’t have felt so suppressed,” the user continued.

“Her and her best friend live together now and basically the friend is like everything she wishes her husbands were for her but she’s scared to say.”

When she returned to pick up the grandmother from her doctor’s appointment, the woman was visibly upset and reportedly said that she had spent a whole lifetime lying to herself.

We’re not crying, you are.

Proving it’s never too late to chase your dreams, she called to ask her best friend to open the front door ready for their arrival home.

“When we pull up, she’s sitting outside waiting on her,” the Twitter thread continues. “She gets up and opens the door while I’m pulling the walker out of the truck.”

“Then she helps her stand up and says, ‘I couldn’t imagine having anybody else to end this life with. You’re my favourite person.’”

The friends then embraced and told each other, “I love you.”

Unsurprisingly, the post amassed over 22,970 retweets and social media users were left reaching for tissues with a number taking to the post to congratulate the women.

“Such a beautiful story. We rarely discuss our elders in the LGBTQ community but the reality is they get older and they want and deserve companionship,” one wrote.

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“When you think of how many have kept their secrets for fear of retribution. I hope they have a beautiful life together.”

Another added, “This was beautiful. Everyone should live the life they want to live and love who they want to love without judgement.”

“Yeah, my heart melted into a puddle,” a third commented.

So next time you’re grabbing a taxi home, it might not hurt to make a little small talk.

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