Does having a tattoo make you more likely to cheat?

While it’s impossible to confirm whether a spouse will be unfaithful, new research from an extramarital dating website says there is one physical trait that suggests someone may stray: tattoos.

Ashley Madison, the world’s leading dating website for married people, discovered people seeking extramarital relationships find tattoos attractive. While the ink is an indicator, it has nothing to do with the actual tattoo — and more to do with what it says about person who has it. Survey respondents believed tattoos mean the person is more spontaneous and sexually adventurous.

A new survey found that people with tattoos are more likely to stray in relationships <em>(Photo via Pexels)</em>
A new survey found that people with tattoos are more likely to stray in relationships (Photo via Pexels)

“We know our members are ultimately looking for a connection and discussing the personal nature of something as seemingly trivial as a tattoo has the potential to open up deeper lines of communication between partners which can help forge a bond,” said Ashley Madison’s director of communications, Isabella Mise. “Discovering someone for the first time and finding out what makes them unique is all part of the excitement of a new partner, and tattoos make that experience even more layered and interesting.”

With more than 42 per cent of respondents saying those with tattoos are more spontaneous, 26 per cent felt that people with ink are also more fun.

More than a quarter of the 3,400 members surveyed believed tattoos are a symbol of sexuality, a cornerstone in extramarital affairs where sex plays a primary role.

“According to this survey, the personality traits that people associate with tattoos are attractive qualities when seeking an affair partner,” Dr. Tammy Nelson, sex and relationship therapist told the Daily Mail. “It may not be the tattoo itself that stimulates the attraction, rather that it signals the potential for greater excitement that people aren’t feeling in their marriage.”

Seventy four per cent of those seeking an affair admitted they don’t look for someone with ink, but rather consider it an “added bonus.”

While tattoos aren’t a sure sign your relationship is doomed, it may be worth noting during any future Tinder swiping.

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