Taskmaster's Sara Pascoe announces pregnancy

sara pascoe
Taskmaster's Sara Pascoe announces pregnancyBrian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Shutterstock

Big congratulations are in order for comedian Sara Pascoe, as the Taskmaster favourite has announced she’s pregnant.

Sara announced the big news on her Instagram page today (May 10) when she shared a picture of her husband Steen Raskopoulos jokingly clinking a beer to her baby bump.

"Here we go again. Eating for two and drinking for no one,” she captioned the sweet picture.

Sara and Steen married in 2020, and welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in February 2022.

Mock The Week star Sara has been open about her struggle to become a mum, and has spoken a few times about her IVF journey in her stand-up routines and interviews.

"I had my son, now one, through IVF – following a miscarriage," she previously told Women's Health. "This means I'll always understand what it's like to be 'infertile'; I still see a therapist who specialises in baby loss."

She continued: "In my show, I'm determined to normalise IVF and share a positive story that's like, 'It's a privilege that science can help us this much.' But through grumpiness and jokes rather than uber-sincerity."

The star also opened up about her fertility journey to Radio Times just last month. "As human beings, we're all inconsistent. Something can be true at one point in your life or career, but not true later on," she shared.

sara pascoe
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"When I did [BBC Sitcom] Out of Her Mind, I was at a stage of my life where I'd got my head around the fact that I was infertile and I really leant into that in the show. Then a year later, I had a baby [via IVF]. People who felt close to my narrative said, 'Who are you, then?' And it was like, 'Sorry, people are really complex!'

"When I was infertile, I was really defensive and now I'm a mummy, I do mum jokes. I'm an over-sharer – I'm comfortable with it, and with the discussion that comes after."

Sands supports anyone affected by the death of a baby. You can contact the Sands National Helpline on 0808 164 3332, or email helpline@sands.org.uk.

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