Sweet Tooth viewers hail sleeper Netflix hit as ‘pleasant surprise’

Netflix viewers have been left “surprised” by its new series Sweet Tooth.

The fantasy show was released earlier this month and has become a sleeper hit for the streaming service. After a week of rising up the top 10, it became its most-watched title in both the UK and US over the weekend.

Adapted by Jim Mickle from Jeff Lemire’s comics, the series follows a 10-year-old “hybrid” boy named Gus, who lives in a forest due to society viewing him as a threat.

His story collides with Jeppard, a man who becomes his guide as he searches for the mother he’s never met.

Those who have watched the show are hailing it as “the best thing” they’ve watched on Netflix in a while. Plenty of viewers have highlighted this as unexpected, calling the show a “pleasant surprise” and begging the streaming service for a second season.

Sweet Tooth was an absolute surprise from Netflix, well done!” one person wrote, adding: “Now bring me season two.”

Another wrote: “Sweet Tooth is a pleasant surprise. Very hopeful, charming, uplifting and brilliantly paced, acted and scored. It’s a fresh outlook on the apocalyptic setting and it definitely benefits because of it.”

Christian Convery in Netflix show ‘Sweet Tooth’ (Netflix)
Christian Convery in Netflix show ‘Sweet Tooth’ (Netflix)

One person added: “Okay, so Sweet Tooth on Netflix is a surprise new obsession of mine,” with another commenting: “That new show Sweet Tooth on Netflix is a delightful surprise. My daughter and I are two eps in. First show we’re watching together.”

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