The Superyacht That Flies: Fly Then Float On The World's First Luxury Flying Mega Yacht

A Swiss company has unveiled the world's first luxury flying superyacht concept. AirYacht comprises a 200-meter-long helium-filled airship attached to a 60-meter ultralight carbon superyacht. The two vessels can also be separated and used independently for even more versatility. When in flight, the yacht serves as the airship’s gondola and can accommodate the crew along with up to 12 passengers. If the owner wants to navigate the water, the yacht can be detached from the airship lowered down on a set of cables, then released from those cables once it reaches the water’s surface. The innovative launch system, or ‘lift,’ allows the superyacht to be lowered and raised smoothly without the aircraft having to touch the ground. The blimp, called “airship”, can float at almost 10,000 feet above the earth while cruising along at over 50 miles an hour. The 197ft yacht offers 750 square metres of living space featuring a three-storey residence housing six rooms, including an owner's suite. The concept includes all expected glamorous amenities, such as sundecks, jacuzzi, a swimming pool, hammam, and a garage for cars, jet-skis and tenders. AirYacht’s partners Guillaume Hoddé and Matthieu Ozanne - who are experienced engineers - have collaborated with designer Franck Darnet for the concept. Calling for 'a new space of freedom on Earth', the company website says: "The yachting experience, absolutely everywhere! Sailing the sky, floating above the earth, AirYacht gives wings to one of mankind’s oldest dreams.”. AirYacht say their order book is now open with delivery time estimated for 2026, but no price has been disclosed.