Meghan Markle 'expected to tell Queen how to modernise' Royal Family

A leading royal author and commentator has claimed that the Duchess of Sussex had plans to dive straight into her official royal duties and join the late Queen on engagements in an effort to "modernise" the monarchy.

In the years since she and Harry stepped back from their roles, Meghan has stated that she didn't receive enough support or training to adjust to her new role as a working member of the world's most famous family.

However, in an interview, royal expert Angela Levin has suggested that the Duchess was so keen to bring change to the Royal Family that she immediately sought a more active role.

The late Queen with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The Duchess of Sussex was thought to be keen to dive straight into her official royal duties -Credit:Getty Images

Speaking with Sky News Australia, the biographer revealed: "I actually discovered that Meghan won't be told anything. She has to win, she has to be out there in the front.

"I've been told she expected to go immediately with the Queen on engagements and to tell her how to modernise it all. Everyone would know you don't go into a new company yourself and expect to be running it within five minutes.

"You have to learn, you have to absorb, there's a change of country, change of friends, change of job and she didn't want to know about that."

The Duchess of Sussex represented a number of charities in her brief time in her royal role -Credit:Getty

This is a view shared by investigative journalist Tom Bower in his book 'Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors'. In it, he suggests that Meghan's refusal to "learn the ropes" of royal life contributed to them stepping back.

The author wrote that Royal Family had grown increasingly frustrated with Markle's approach to royal duties. Unlike other members of the family, who kept their opinions to themselves and treated official duties with caution, it was felt that Markle was determined to "hit the ground running".

Bower explained: "Kate had become irritated by her neighbour. Unlike her own cautious approach to 'learn the ropes' before engaging in royal duties, Meghan was running — but what was her destination?

The Duchess of Sussex joined the late Queen on one of her early official engagements -Credit:Getty Images

"And who was she running with? Did she realize that the Royal Family ran together under the monarch, not as competitive individuals?"

Royal expert Andrew Morton explained a similar thought to The Mirror's podcast Pod Save The King: "I realised after watching the Royal Family for all these years that it takes a long, long time to really understand what it is like to be royal.

"Catherine Middleton has spent ten, twelve years coming to terms with it. So did Sophie Rhys-Jones (The Duchess of Edinburgh) and she's got a much lower profile - or did. It just takes a long time to absorb yourself into it.

meghan harry
The couple stepped back from official duties in 2020 -Credit:Getty Images

"Catherine was quite a shy person, so making speeches and being in public was something of an ordeal but I think she's overcome that. She reminds me so much of Diana. She struggled for a few years to come to terms with what it is like to be a princess."

The biographer continued: "The great tragedy, I think, is that Meghan and Harry didn't give it long enough to see whether they could give it a go. They were on the out almost before the wedding music had finished.

"Meghan is a natural... she had the great possibility of using her talent and her position to make a genuine change to the world. I don't think she's going to make such a change living in Montecito."