Sunday Brunch host suffers embarrassing blunder as guest begs 'not while I'm eating please'

Sunday Brunch's very own Tim Lovejoy found himself red in the face after a risqué on-air misunderstanding, one that quickly merited a complaint from guest, comedian Sue Perkins.

The beloved host was joined by co-host Simon Rimmer and guests singer Jess Glynne, Sue, actress Sophie Thompson and comedian Josh Widdicombe on Sunday 28 April. Yet it was their fifth guest, SAS: Who Dares Wins star, Jason Fox who claimed the spotlight with his response to Tim's inadvertently intimate query.

During a segment, Tim congratulated newlywed Jason, asking if he had enjoyed his big day. Jason responded positively, sharing that he tied the knot in London and honeymooned in Jordan.

Tim Lovejoy had an awkward encounter with guest during Sunday Brunch
Tim Lovejoy made an embarrassing blunder during Sunday Brunch

On asking Jason's experience there, he praised the country and its welcoming people. However, things took an unexpected turn when Tim asked about Jason's exploits "on holiday", conveniently overlooking the fact that it was his honeymoon.

Sporting a wry smile, Jason gently reminded him: "It was my honeymoon."

The studio burst into giggles, with comedian and presenter Sue humorously quipping from off stage: "Come on guys, not while I'm eating!”. A bashful Tim, hand clutching his forehead, swiftly announced it was time to "move on".

Tim and Simon got the giggles when Sue made a comment off stage
Tim and Simon got the giggles when Sue made a comment off stage

Meanwhile, Tim's sidekick Simon offered some backstage insight about their Channel 4 show, Sunday Brunch – explaining it's not just about glorifying good food, but also acts as a platform for upcoming musicians.

The culinary star was one of the stars at the inaugural Northern Music Awards on Wednesday 24 April with the former Strictly Come Dancing star proving he knows just as much about music as he does food.

Prior to parenting the award, Simon Rimmer said: "I think the older I get, then the more varied my musical tastes go, and we're very lucky on Sunday brunch that we have such a diverse range of acts [performing on the show] - we really do.”

Jason recently tied the knot with his now wife Lucy Culkin
Jason recently tied the knot with his now wife Lucy Culkin -Credit:Instagram/Jason Fox

The presenter continued: "Then equally, you'll get somebody like English Teacher who were on our playlist and you go 'Wow! What a fantastic different sound that they've got'.

“So my [musical taste] is incredibly diverse and even with things that I was listening to when I was growing up in the seventies, I still like. I still listen to The Eagles in Fleetwood Mac and and ELO So I I find the older I get, the more diverse my musical taste."