'The Suits' Cast Has Reunited, But Not In The Way You Might Expect

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The Suits Cast Has Reunited (Finally)USA

The cast of Suits has finally reunited, but not for the sequel as has been rumoured for a while, but rather for a Super Bowl commercial.

The commercial, which was teased by the brand, E.l.f. Cosmetics, yesterday and will debut in its entirety during the Super Bowl, also featured three original Suits cast members, Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, and Sarah Rafferty, alongside Meghan Trainor, RuPaul's Drag Race star HeidiNCloset, and footballer Emmanuel Acho.

The teaser shows E.l.f. delivering summons to 'some of courtroom entertainment’s most bingeable characters,' with the trio of Suits stars' video being captioned: 'You’ve been summoned... to ✨ SERVE. ✨'

Last summer, Suits — which originally aired from 2011 until 2019 — unexpectedly became the most streamed show for 12 weeks straight after it was added to Netflix.

Torres, who played Jessica Pearson, told People that the renewed interest in the show has been, ‘kind of odd and wonderful. It's like, “Oh, right. They're still here. They did incredible work.”’

suits season 1 pictured l r gina torres as jessica pearson, rick hoffmann as louis litt, meghan markle as rachel zane, gabriel macht as harvey specter, patrick adams as mike ross photo by frank ockenfelsusanbcu photo banknbcuniversal via getty images
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'Everybody in the industry that maybe relegated us to, “Oh, that's that cute cable show.”’

The trio of stars also added that Patrick J. Adams couldn't appear in the commercial because he was busy 'shooting a film in South Africa,' but they did not mention their other co-star, Meghan Markle, who has reportedly been asked to star in a spin-off series of the show.

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The cast of Suits reunited at this year’s Golden Globes too.Getty Image

This reunion comes on the heels of the other Suits reunion at this year's Golden Globe Awards, during which Torres and Rafferty presented an award with their co-stars Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht.

Last year, E.l.f Cosmetics' commercial featured The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge, in which she famously joked: 'I look like a dolphin. Like a baby dolphin!'

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