Subway and Cadbury team up to make Creme Egg sandwich: Would you try it?

Creme Egg Subway. (Subway/Cadbury Creme Egg)
Swap Meatball Marinara for a Creme Egg filling at Subway this Good Friday. (Subway/Cadbury Creme Egg).

Subway and Cadbury have collaborated to launch a Creme Egg melt.

Think savoury meets sweet, with golden Italian white bread on the outside and melted milk chocolate and soft fondant oozing on the inside.

Entirely disgusted or the pairing you didn't know you needed?

The limited edition Creme Egg sandwich will be perfected, pressed and toasted by Subway's Sandwich Artists, ready for you to enjoy this Easter.

Oh, and did we mention it's FREE? The only catch is that just 500 will be available across selected UK stores on Friday 7 April, for one day only.

You're in luck if you're in London, Liverpool, Swansea or Glasgow on Good Friday, where there will be a limited number of six-inch SubMelt's made with Creme Egg to grab from selected restaurants.

For those on board, you better act fast.

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(Subway/Cadbury Creme Egg)
Is your mouth watering? Or have you lost your appetite? (Subway/Cadbury Creme Egg)

Cadbury previously bought savoury and sweet together when it shared a recipe for a 'Creme Egg Toastie' in 2019, Tweeting: "sounds so wrong but tastes so right!".

The combo got a mixed reaction, with some commenting "'I'll be trying that" and "part of me thinks it would actually be delicious" while others said "no, stop it get out" and "now that's wrong".

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The same year, Heinz shared its limited edition 'Creme Egg Mayo', which contrary to popular belief, was not an April Fool's. This combo sparked mostly outrage.

"Heinz, what is this? Why is this!? What do I even do with it? Is it for sandwiches? Halp!" to which the brand replied, "Perfect with crumpets or waffles!".

"Don't think this will work in my tuna sandwich," said one Twitter user, while another wrote, "Someone needs to have a word with your taste testers. They've lost the plot!".

And in 2017, the Cadbury Creme Egg pizza was born, available for Deliveroo users to order straight to their homes.

Dubbed the 'Fior-egg-tina', a twist on the Italian Fiorentina, it was made with a macerated strawberry base, garnished with mascarpone and mint, and topped with Creme Eggs (and optional sprinklings of Mini Eggs).

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