Starstruck's Nikesh Patel reveals fiancée Nicola Thorp's reaction to tense scene

Nicola Thorp and Nikesh Patel attend the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. Fashion and Film Party 2022
Nicola Thorp and Nikesh Patel attend the British Vogue and Tiffany & Co. Fashion and Film Party 2022 (David M. Benett,Getty)

Nikesh Patel has revealed how his fiancée Nicola Thorp reacted while watching a particularly tense scene in the newest season of Starstruckon BBC.

The actor, who plays film star Tom Kapoor in the brilliant comedy, was chatting to the Observer ahead of season three's release when he admitted he had to explain himself while he and Nicola watched an episode of the show.

Nikesh was asked about a scene which saw his character Tom arguing with his on-screen love interest, Jessie, played by Rose Matafeo, when he said: "We watched it together and she turned to me and said: 'That's very interesting…'"

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Nikesh Patel as Tom in Starstruck
Nikesh Patel as Tom in Starstruck

Nikesh then joked he had to defend himself to his beloved, adding: "And I'm like: 'Shut up, shut up, shut up! I transform completely to play my characters I don't know what you're talking about.'"

The Indian Summers actor then added: "But without wangling on about how I act, I'm clearly not Tom, nor would I want to be, I don't think."

Nikesh's partner is television broadcaster and journalist Nicola Thorp. Like her husband-to-be, Nicola comes from the acting world and was previously known for appearing as Nicola Rubinstein in Coronation Street.

Earlier this year, the pair got engaged at the flat they share together. The couple made the sweet announcement on social media with a selfie showing Nicola holding up her gorgeous ring.

The journalist, who has appeared a number of times on the daytime show This Morning, recalled the moment Nikesh got down on one knee and popped the question during her stint on Jeremy Vine.

"There was candles everywhere and he was in a tuxedo and there was photos everywhere about us and a little nod to my grandmother passed away. I was in tears.

Nikesh Patel plays Tom in BBC's Starstruck
Nikesh Patel plays Tom in BBC's Starstruck

"We're very, very happy. This is my fiancé; I'm getting used to saying that still. We've been together two years. It's a good ring." Meanwhile, the third series of Starstruck sees Nikesh return as Tom Kapoor alongside writer and lead actress on the show, Rose Matafeo. The first episode of series three shows how Tom and Jessie ended up sadly breaking up despite declaring their love for each other at the end of season two.

The episode jumps forward two years to Kate and Ian's wedding where the two former lovers cross paths. As the synopsis explains: "Jessie navigates the pressures of adulthood and is confronted with the consequences of her own choices as her friends move on to the next stages in their lives, while Jessie is left questioning what she is really looking for."

Rose Matefeo and Nikesh Patel in Starstruck
Rose Matefeo and Nikesh Patel in Starstruck

Fans are loving the third series. One person gave their review on X, previously known as Twitter: "Rose Matafeo made me fall in love with a ship for 2 seasons and then turned everything upside down. And I'm here for all of it. As Jessie said, 'And even though we loved each other so much, I think we are pretty stupid to think it can't happen with someone else' #Starstruck."

Another said: "Thank you @Rose_Matafeo and @nicsampson for the ending of #Starstruck. It was brilliant (obviously) but ended a romcom in a way I haven't seen before and in a way I REALLY needed to see. More good things on TV pls."

A third added: " I have marathoned the entirety of #Starstruck season 3 on @BBCiPlayer and it was the most perfect ending ever."