Stanley Tucci reveals perfect recipes to make at home after viral Negroni cocktail masterclass

The actor was recently praised for his impromptu Negroni masterclass on Instagram (Getty Images)
The actor was recently praised for his impromptu Negroni masterclass on Instagram (Getty Images)

Last month, a video Stanley Tucci shared of how he likes to whip up a Negroni at home in lockdown went viral.

Now, the actor, 59, has revealed the best dishes to pair with his version of the iconic Italian cocktail - which he has christened a “quarantucci” drink.

The star made his latest culinary recommendations in a diary for The Atlantic about life during the pandemic in London with wife Felicity - the sister of actress Emily Blunt - as well as their two young children, and his three older kids from a previous his marriage.

He wrote: “For the most part, things have been going very well, meaning no one has murdered anyone yet, although I am sure one of them is plotting my demise as I type this.”

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For breakfast at around 7am, Stanley explained that he enjoys a double espresso, orange juice and cereal with a banana and almond milk.

At 11am, he starts cooking chicken stock with leftover carcasses.

Just before 5pm, he decides it is “cocktail time”, and makes a Negroni to sip on before dinner.

As he enjoys his drink, he makes sautéed lamb chops for his younger children for 6pm.

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At just before 8pm, Stanley sits down with his wife for a dinner of pasta alla norma, containing aubergine, tomato sauce, and rigatoni - with which they also sip on white wine.

The insight into his isolation cooking schedule - which also includes recipes - comes after he gave his 316,000 followers on Instagram a masterclass in how to make a Negroni.

In a live tutorial, the father-of-five - who has since discussed the process on The Late Late Show with James Corden - gave fans a step-by-step guide from his kitchen.

Speaking to the camera as he made the beverage, he said: “We’re going to have a Negroni up. Mostly people have Negronis on the rocks. But I think actually they’re quite nice up.

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“So, a fair amount of ice in a shaker, and use you hands because it’s the most hygienic way.

“Then what you want is a double shot of gin. If you don’t like gin you could use vodka, and maybe just lace it with gin on the top just to give it that little bit of flavour if you like.”

Warning viewers against using Martini, Stanley continued: “A shot of sweet vermouth. Good sweet vermouth.”

The actor then revealed: “A single shot of Campari made in Milan. It is the ubiquitous Milanese cocktail. Shake it up.”

To finish, Stanley explained: “I put it in a coupe. You can put it in a martini glass, or whatever you want.”

After pouring out the drink, he added: “Now, you want to garnish it with a slice of orange. Pre-sliced orange.”

Finally, the Devil Wears Prada star squeezed a little of the orange slice into the drink before adding it whole to the mixture.