Stacey Solomon shares bikini photo as she reveals she's 'so grateful' for her body that brought her family here

Stacey Solomon has been praised by fans for sharing a 'natural' bikini image. (Getty Images)
Stacey Solomon has been praised by fans for sharing a 'natural' bikini image. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon has sparked a big fan reaction after sharing a "natural" bikini picture alongside an inspiring post about being "grateful" for her body.

The Sort Your Life Out presenter is currently on holiday in Abu Dhabi with her husband Joe Swash and children and has been sharing some images of the family's break to Instagram.

But one particular image of Solomon enjoying the beach with her baby daughter seems to have caught the attention of fans thanks to its empowering message about embracing your body.

In the image, the Loose Women panellist is seen in a black ruffled bikini with her baby daughter, Belle, on her lap.

In the accompanying caption Solomon, who has five children, wrote she was "so grateful" for her body which has given her a family.

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“Today was a beach day & we took Belle down to see the sea when it got a bit cooler," she wrote. "Joe took some really nice pictures. There’s not one I’m not putting on here. So grateful for these memories, so grateful for my family & so grateful for my body, that brought our family here.”

Since sharing the "candid" shot, fans were quick to thank the star for "normalising mum bods".

"I never comment on celebs pics but this is so refreshing to see!" one user wrote. "A normal mum with a normal beautiful body making memories with her kids. Love to see it."

"This is so refreshing to see such a candid photo of you and your princess! No filters, no Photoshop, no expert pose and photography, just a beautiful natural woman unashamedly embracing her body..... and it is EVERYTHING! This post gives me chills in the best way!" another user commented.

"I love seeing a real unfiltered mummy on here!" agreed another. "So refreshing!!!"

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Others praised the star for not being tempted to add a filter to the shots.

"Nice to see natural photos instead of filters and photo shopped one," one wrote.

"Love these photos! Quality family time captured naturally without filters or being edited," another agreed. "Thank you Stacey for showing us to be proud of our bodies."

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It isn't the first time Solomon has been praised by fans for sharing a body positive message. Last year she shared a sweet moment with her daughter Rose while wearing a bikini alongside an accompanying caption about embracing body confidence in the summer months.

"Dear Rose, I hope you grow up and love who you are. I hope that love is never determined by your appearance. To the moon and back darling…," she wrote.

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"It's going to be 34 in some places tomorrow. Where [sic] Whatever Makes You Feel Comfortable. You’re beautiful Never let anyone make you believe otherwise."

After sharing her inspiring post fans praised the star for helping inspire women to love their bodies.

"Love this caption! Such an important message," one user wrote.

"This is what we need," another added. "Real bodies of real women, feeling happy, being healthy and living life."

"This is exactly what we should be showing/teaching our kids," another user commented.

The Loose Women star has often been applauded for her body positive messages, pictured with her husband Joe Swash. (Getty Images)
The Loose Women star has often been applauded for her body positive messages, pictured with her husband Joe Swash. (Getty Images)

Last year the TV personality was also applauded for sharing a bikini snap with an important message about post-pregnancy body confidence.

Sharing a picture on Instagram of herself sitting by a pool in a black bikini back in February 2022, again with her daughter, Rose, the TV presenter shared an honest caption about feeling insecure about her post-partum body, which many could relate to.

"P.S I had a little moment getting ready for swimming where I felt a little bit insecure," she wrote. "Then I remembered how grateful I am that my body has grown the loves of my life.

"For anyone else who hears that mean little voice from time to time. Tell it to get lost and be quiet because it’s lying. You’re so beautiful and your body is incredible. No matter what some of the things we see will lead us to believe."