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Is the Spotlight Oral Care electric toothbrush worth splurging on? I've spent three months testing it out

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  • I tried it for: Three months

  • I rate it: 5/5

  • 🛍️ Why it’s worth buying: It gives teeth a deep clean everyday and has a teeth whitening setting.

  • 📉 Its biggest drawback: It's expensive at £110, but you can often find it on sale.

  • 💰 Best deal: Currently it's reduced to £77.30 when buy from Amazon.

I've been using the Spotlight Oral Care sonic toothbrush since the start of January. (Yahoo Life UK)

I've always used a manual toothbrush, but at the end of last year, I spotted the Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Electric Toothbrush was on sale.

It was the cheapest electric toothbrush I'd seen – I'd always put off purchasing one because of high price tags. A few days later, the box arrived on my doorstep and I've been using it ever since.

Spotlight Oral Care was founded in 2016 by Dr Lisa and Dr Vanessa Creaven, who are practising cosmetic dentists and sisters. The electric toothbrushes come in a variety of fun colours, including lilac, navy, black and white – I own the latter.

Over the past three months, I've been using the toothbrush twice daily, and I am impressed by how well it works at keeping my teeth squeaky clean.

If you're debating splurging on an electric model, I'd highly recommend Spotlight Oral Care as your first stop.

🛍️ Why it’s worth buying

My kit came with the toothbrush, three brush heads, a standing charging dock, charger and a protective travel case.

According to the brand, each brush head should last you approximately nine months and since owning mine from the start of 2023, I've only changed it once.

Some of my favourite features include the two-minute self-timer, so you can mindlessly brush and get a deep clean every time, along with the three speed settings; sensitive, whitening and general clean.

I like to use the whitening setting which oscillates the brush head faster to remove any plaque or surface stains.

The travel case is compact and sleek, helping to protect the brush when packed in a suitcase. (Yahoo Life UK)
The travel case is compact and sleek, helping to protect the brush when packed in a suitcase. (Yahoo Life UK)
There's three speed settings, sensitive, general clean and whitening. (Yahoo Life UK)
There's three speed settings, sensitive, general clean and whitening. (Yahoo Life UK)

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The battery life is impressively long too, while it claims to last up to 70 days, I've not actually used it for that long continuously, as I like to put it on charge overnight. However I have taken it on a week long holiday and it remained as powerful and effective the entire time.

As it's electric, I feel it more effectively removes any build up between my teeth and at my gum line than the manual brushes I've used my whole life, and it's lightweight handle and small brush head make it easy to pack with you when travelling.

Speaking of travelling, I absolutely love the travel case, it's a slim, white rectangular box that has clips inside to hold the brush and brush heads in place, so it doesn't rattle around or get damaged.

📉 Its biggest drawback

Let's be honest, £110 is a lot of money to spend on a toothbrush, when you can find many manual options for less than a fiver at your local Boots.

However, I wholeheartedly believe that this gives me a better and more efficient clean, so while I think it's worth every penny, and cheaper compared to competitors such as Oral-B and Philips, it is still expensive.

💰 Best deals we can find right now

Thankfully, Spotlight Oral Care is widely stocked at Boots, Amazon, Cult Beauty, Sephora UK, ASOS and more.

If you're patient, you can often find money off in flash sales, Black Friday deals and during Amazon Prime Day.

Currently, it's reduced to £77.30 on Amazon and at John Bell & Croydon, the rose gold version is on sale for £88.

Shop it now: Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Electric Toothbrush | £77.30 from Amazon

£77.30 £84.50 at Amazon £110 at Boots £110 at Cult Beauty £110 at Sephora UK £110 at ASOS

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