No more dead arm: Man invents £39 'spooning pillow' for couples

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Couples can now buy a pillow to help them spoon comfortably. [Photo: Getty/Amazon]

A man has designed a pillow for couples who struggle to stay comfortable while cuddling at night.

If you’re in a romantic relationship, cuddling at night is a good way to establish intimacy with your partner.

Typically, this involves “spooning” – a method of sleeping where one partner – the “Big Spoon” cuddles the other – the “Little Spoon” from behind.

But it seems like less of a good idea when one of you wakes up with a “dead arm”.

Also known as a “honeymoon palsy”, this is a sensation you get when someone lies on your limb for too long – which is often followed by pins and needles.

Enter the Coodle Pillow, a clever solution that means you don’t need to part ways with your other half come lights out.

Shop now: Coodle Pillow, £39

The Coodle Pillow is available to buy on Amazon. [Photo: Amazon]

It contains four arched plastic braces, so one partner – think the “Big Spoon” – can comfortably slip their arm underneath the cushion.

The “Little Spoon” can then rest their head on the comfortable foam surface of the pillow, without fear of crushing their partner’s arm beneath the weight.

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Available to buy on Amazon for $49 (£39), the pillow is currently only produced in the US but ships to the UK, meaning British couples can try it out for themselves.

You can also purchase a larger version for $55 (£44), if the standard size doesn’t cut it.

The tunnel-shaped pillow was first created by Bob, an industrial arts student, who created a foam and bent plastic prototype in his oven after his girlfriend lay on his arm while the pair were watched TV, according to the Coodle Pillow website.

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Not a fan of cuddling? Don’t worry – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, with some 36% of couples even taking to separate beds to maximise their snooze time.

In fact, there’s one school of thought that sleeping separately could even lead to more sex.

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