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The space-saving organiser you need in your kitchen cupboard

Uniquely designed to utilise unused space beneath the shelf, you'll be wondering why you didn't buy one of these sooner.

Keep your cupboards tidy and maximise your storage space with this viral under-shelf spice rack. (Joseph Joseph / Yahoo Life UK)

It's easy for our kitchen cupboards to become messy and unorganised, especially when we're juggling so much in our day-to-day lives. It's as though no matter how many cupboards, drawers or compartments we have, there never seems to be enough storage. The fix? Leading kitchenware brand, Joseph Joseph's clever range of storage solutions.

Quick overview
  • Joseph Joseph CupboardStore in cupboard

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  • Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Under Shelf Storage Film, Foil and Bag Organiser

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  • Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Under Shelf Drawer

  • Joseph Joseph Cupboard Store - Set of 4 Pot and Pan Lid Holders

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  • Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Cutlery & Utensil Tray

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Made up of a selection of under-shelf boxes designed to fit perfectly in any kitchen cupboard, giving you much need extra space, there are a number of different variations depending on what you're wanting to store.

Holding up to seven spice jars, this clever compartment features a pull-out design with a drawer stop that drops down to give you a clear view of all your spices. 

Best for: Herbs and spices
Check before purchase: It's suitable for kitchen units over 32cm (12⅗ Inch) wide and maximum shelf thickness 2cm (¾ Inch)

£13 at Amazon

First off, there's the Joseph Joseph Under-Shelf Spice Rack — the rack has been designed to hold seven of your most popular, much-needed spices while also freeing up cupboard space and keeping everything in check. And did we mention it's also currently on sale, reduced from £18 to just £12.99?

There's also a version designed to specifically hold those pesky longer items, such as bin bags, cling film, tin foil and baking paper, just £8.80 on Amazon right now.

Add an additional shelf to your cupboard with this detachable, under-shelf storage nook complete with raised notches for keeping everything in place. 

Best for: Bin bags, cling film, foil and parchment paper
Check before purchase: It's suitable for kitchen units over 26cm (10¼ inches) wide and maximum shelf thickness 2cm

£9 at Amazon

Not stopping there, there's a conveniently-sized drawer perfect for storing smaller items that often get lost or pushed to the back of the cupboard, such as stock cubes, opened packets of rice, or tinned food.

Each tray is also super-easy and tool-free to install using non-marking 3M VHB tape that is supplied on the tray. The only thing you should check before purchasing is that your kitchen shelf isn't thicker than 2cm and that it's the right width (we've put all the measurements you need to know in the modules above).

Short on drawers? This pull-out compartment conceals your kitchen items for a tidy and neat cupboard space, and drops down for an easy view when you need something. 

Best for: stock cubes, opened packets of rice or lentils and tinned food
Check before purchase: It's suitable for kitchen units over 23.5cm (9¼ inches) wide and maximum shelf thickness 2cm

£16 at Amazon

The cupboard savers have also become a hit on TikTok, for example user @thejunglebadger uploaded a video of the spice rack, which has already racked up over 1.4 million views.

With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, it's clear that TikTok isn't the only place where people are fans of the Joseph Joseph kitchen storage solutions.

"Super happy," wrote one shopper, who went on to say that they wished they had discovered the gadget earlier.

"Brilliant solution" added another, claiming that it was the "handiest storage" they'd had ever come across.

The storage shelves aren't the only Joseph Joseph storage products rated highly and on sale, there's plenty more to make your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. Another firm favourite are these pot and pan lid holders that are now a bargain £6.99. As well as the brand's hugely popular expandable cutlery and utensil tray.

Don't let clunky pot and pan lids get in the way of smaller spaces, and use this wall mount storage organiser instead. Suitable for lids from 16cm to 24 cm diameter, they can each hold up to 500g. 

£7 at Amazon

Get organised ahead of summer gatherings with this hugely popular cutlery and utensil tray from leading kitchenware brand, Joseph Joseph. It comes with five overlapping compartments and two expandable sides. 

£20 at Amazon