'Sober curious' Millie Mackintosh has given up alcohol - this is how it's affected her mental health

It may not be a new health trend, but Millie Mackintosh is the latest celebrity to admit that she's been alcohol-free for the last 12 weeks. The sober celeb even admitted that it's helped to curb her anxiety.

The former Made in Chelsea star admitted via an Instagram post that alcohol had an 'instant negative effect' on her mental health, while she said not drinking alcohol for 12 weeks has made her skin look better.

Millie, who has previously been open about her mental health struggles, said that she's not missing the 'hangxiety' which went hand in hand with when she drank alcohol.

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The honest post, which showed a smiling picture of the star, also touched on how she's reduced her anxiety medication. While over 11,000 fans liked the Instagram message, with many leaving supportive messages and also telling their sober stories.

The ex-reality star isn't the only celebrity to swear off alcohol, with former party animals, including Kate Moss and Lily Allen giving up alcohol, in a bid to protect their mental health.

Millie said on Instagram: 'I had a breakthrough in therapy and decided to stop drinking alcohol, I didn’t want to admit it but it’s a huge trigger for my anxiety. It has an instant negative effect on my mental health and right now I’m focused on feeling my best, finding happiness in my life and not trying to escape from it,'

''It’s been 12 weeks and I’m enjoying sober life, not missing the ‘hanxiety’, feeling more energised, my skin is looking great and I’m sleeping much better,' she added.

However, she went on to explain that it may not be a permanent decision: 'Now, I’m not saying I’ll never drink alcohol again, I’m just saying that right now, I’m not and I want to keep going. Has anyone else ditched the booze? How are you finding it? I would love to hear from more sober curious people.'

Alcohol is commonly linked to depression and anxiety as it's a depressant, especially if you drink it in excess. This is because alcohol can slow down how quickly your brain and central nervous system works and reacts. If your body gets used to this suppressing effect it can leave your body in a 'fight or flight' mode - similar to feelings of anxiety.

While Dr Huberman, A neuroscientist, recently explained how alcohol can negatively affect your brain - on his podcast he said: 'Alcohol is one of the few substances that produce changes in the brain and body not just by causing the release of chemicals but by its direct poisonous effects on cells. That’s right, a lot of what we associate with the feelings of alcohol are actually due to cellular damage.'

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