What your go-to sleeping position says about your personality

Danielle Fowler
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What does your go-to sleeping position say about your personality? [Photo: Getty]

Whether you curl up with Netflix in the background or can only achieve a good night’s kip on your back, your sleep position can reveal a lot about your personality.

A study conducted by Leesa Sleep analysed the way in which 2,000 US participants sleep and split respondents into three groups: those who sleep on their back, side sleepers and people who bag shut-eye on their bellies.

Results showed that those who drift off on their back tend to fall asleep the fastest (within the space of 20 minutes). But that doesn’t necessarily equal quality kip, as back sleepers only get an average of five hours sleep per night.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that 43% of them also happen to be early birds while 38% would consider themselves to be introverts.

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In comparison, side sleepers get the most shut-eye (six hours on average) though that comes at a price, as it takes four minutes longer for them to drift off.

Side sleepers are more likely to be extroverts (28%) and tend to identify as night owls - it’s the only comfortable way to binge television into the early hours, right?

But what can our go-to sleep position tell us about our viewing habits?

Side sleepers prefer to have a chuckle before switching out the light with 44% watching ‘Friends’ until the early hours.

If you sleep on your side, you're less likely to be an early bird [Photo: Getty]

Meanwhile, those who sleep on their stomach prefer the supernatural with 44% loving ‘The Walking Dead’ and 32% admitting to being ‘Stranger Things’ fans.

When it comes to movies, belly sleepers prefer to get in bed after watching a drama or adventure film on the television.

People who catch flies on their stomach consider themselves to be a mix of early bird and night owl while 42% would refer to themselves as ambiverts.

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The study also revealed that it takes the stomach sleeper approximately 23 minutes to fall asleep and they’re likely to get an average of six hours a night.

When it comes to unusual sleeping habits, back sleepers are the most likely to sleepwalk (35%), talk in their sleep (46%) and are prone to having nightmares (46%).

Our sleeping position can prove a nuisance to our significant other too with common complaints including getting up in the middle of the night (24%), tossing and turning (23%) and snoring (21%).

What does your sleeping position say about you?

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