What is a skincare fridge and why is everyone obsessed with them?

Is the skincare ‘mini-fridge’ worth it, or just another beauty fad? [Photo: Getty]
Is the skincare ‘mini-fridge’ worth it, or just another beauty fad? [Photo: Getty]

A fridge just for skincare, you say? Where do we sign up?

These adorable mini fridges have been popping up all over beauty bloggers’ Instagram accounts using the hashtag #minifridgeshelfie and we are here for it.

The fridges, which are about a quarter of the size of a hotel minibar, are designed to keep your skincare cold.

Technically speaking, your beauty products don’t have to be cold. Before now, many people put aftersun in the fridge to soothe the skin after a long day in the sun. Having a mini-fridge for your products offers the same sort of benefits.

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Putting cold products on your skin will help to calm skin irritations. Products like eye creams which are designed to reduce puffiness, will also benefit from being chilled.

There are some ingredients which feel nicer on your skin when they’re cold, too. Aloe Vera and mint are both cooling ingredients which will leave your skin feeling chilled and tingly when kept in the fridge.

It’s also said that putting products like retinol, vitamin C and benzoyl peroxide into the fridge might increase their shelf-life. These products are not meant to be kept in warm environments, so by keeping them cold, you may improve their potency.

Not everybody is sold on this idea, though. One man took to Twitter to say: “It’s a mini-fridge that they’ve tripled the price of and given a new name.”

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Another woman agreed: “I barely buy food to go in my one actual fridge and there’s people out there with mini skin care fridges? Madness and luxuriating to the max.”

The jury’s still out on whether this new beauty trend is here to stay or not, but one thing’s for sure, millennial pink mini-fridges are flying off the shelves.

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