Sir Michael Caine's daughter slapped with six-month driving ban

Sir Michael Caine's daughter will have to make the lengthier journey to visit her father for six months credit:Bang Showbiz
Sir Michael Caine's daughter will have to make the lengthier journey to visit her father for six months credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir Michael Caine’s daughter has been handed a six-month driving ban.

Dominique Caine, 65, admitted she was travelling at 64mph in a 50mph zone in a Range Rover near her home in Gloucestershire.

However, she already had nine points against her license bringing her total to 12, the BBC reports.

The ban has been issued despite Dominique claiming that it will make it more difficult for her to look after her 89-year-old actor father in London, as taking public transport would take more than eight hours.

Her lawyer James Findon told Cheltenham magistrates’ court: “She provides care to her father, based in London.

“If she was deprived of her ability to drive it would necessitate the use of three trains and two buses.

“The travel time would be in excess of eight hours.”

However, district judge Nicholas Wattam insisted it would not be an “exceptional hardship” - and slapped her with a £324 fine.

Meanwhile, Michael previously revealed he "cut down" on drinking for the sake of his grandchildren.

The screen legend – who also has a grown-up daughter called Natasha with his wife Shakira – admitted teenagers Taylor and twins Miles and Allegra gave him a "new lease of life" so he's trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in order to be around longer for them.

He said: "I've cut down on the drink and got a new outlook on life.

"I thought I wasn't going to have grandchildren and suddenly I have three. They're my fountain of youth and they've given me a whole new lease of life without any of the worries or the troubles. I'm completely besotted and so is my wife."

The ‘Alfie’ star has found being a grandfather has surpassed anything else in his life, including his previous "highs" of being knighted and winning two Academy Awards.

He added: "I've had some high points in my life - I've won two Academy Awards and I've been given a knighthood and I used to think you couldn’t get better than that but you can, because then I got my grandchildren, which is better than anything.

"The wonderful thing about grandchildren is something someone once said, which is they fill a hole in your heart which you didn’t know was empty. And I think that’s absolutely true."

Despite his career accomplishments, Michael is "proudest" of his parenting.

He shared: "One of the things that I am proudest of in my life is that I am a great father.

"And I know I am a great father because if you ask my daughters, they'll tell you so too.The best thing I ever heard about being a father to daughters was that a great father is a man who spends time with his daughters, not money on them. Well, I spend the money too, because I have some – to tell you the truth, I tend to spoil them. But the time is the important thing. I love spending time with them and they seem to like spending time with me."