The rise of singles parties – is this the new way to find love?

Singles parties are back. (Getty Images)
Now the world has opened up post-lockdown, singles are making up for lost time. (Getty Images)

Before lockdown, if you asked daters about singles parties, most would have visions of awkward 90s-style parties and town hall speed-dating.

Research pre-lockdown showed that three-quarters of singles wanted to meet people in real life, but that didn’t mean singles parties, with four in ten (41%) refusing to attend one.

But then the pandemic hit. Dating app delirium set in with zoom dates and dry chat leaving daters with app fatigue and longing for an old-fashioned meeting in person.

New research released today by global dating app Inner Circle reveals a vibe shift. Singles parties have had a huge glow-up and landed themselves a second date.

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Singles parties have had a 2022 glow-up. (Inner Circle)
Singles parties have had a 2022 glow-up. (Inner Circle)

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Now 87% of singles think it’s more socially acceptable to meet someone at a singles party than it was before the pandemic. And singles are flocking to them like it’s the nineties again – but it’s different this time.

Gone are the awkward speed-dating events or clunky ice-breakers. Instead they have been replaced with outrageous quiz nights, burlesque shows, museum tours, night cycling and even ski trips and summer barbecues.

Of those who say they are likely to attend, 74% do so because it’s a fun night out (up from 49% before the pandemic), 60% because they know everyone is looking for a match (up from 39%), and 65% say it’s the closest thing to meeting someone in real life. Singles parties are back big-time.

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So if it is your first time at a singles party, how do you get over the nerves and embrace singles parties 2022-style?

Inner Circle’s in-house dating expert, Crystal Cansdale, shares her top tips:

  1. Bring a wingman. Heading to a singles party on your own can be intimidating. The best solution? Your wingman. But remember, two is company and three is a crowd – try not to turn up with a big group that could put other people off approaching you.

  2. Get into it. Singles parties aren’t school discos. You don’t get points for shuffling around the edge. Whether it’s dancing on tables, chatting to strangers or introducing yourself to a group, don’t be worried about getting involved – it’s what everyone’s there for.

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Romantic castle tours are now on the singles party agenda. (Inner Circle)
Romantic castle tours are now on the singles party agenda. (Inner Circle)

3. Be clear what you’re looking for. Everyone at the party is single, but that doesn’t mean you all want the same thing. You might be looking for the love of your life, they might be wanting a quick fling, and someone else might be just here for the good vibes. Have fun, but always be honest.

4. Prep your ice-breaker. If you're a little on the shy side, then it might help to mentally prepare a couple of topics to talk about beforehand, so you don't find yourself lost for words when you set eyes on the man/woman of your dreams.

5. Treat it like a night out. Sounds obvious, but really… just enjoy yourself. Singles parties take place at amazing venues for a reason – so people can have a great night out. It’s not always about the phone number you leave with. Sometimes it’s best to just have fun and see what happens.