Single mum's divorce sparked incredible 66kg weight loss

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Melanie lost 66kg in total thanks to The Healthy Mummy. Photo: Facebook/The Healthy Mummy

A single mother has revealed how she kick-started her 66kg weight loss the day after ending her marriage.

Melanie Arnold-Stemm, 29, weighed more than 143kg at her heaviest, a time which she says was consumed by ‘negativity’ and ‘no confidence’.

“I knew my life needed a complete overhaul,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It had been a few years of a very low marriage and a lot of things I went through and then one day I was like nope, no more I can’t deal with it. “

This need for change inspired Melanie to try The Healthy Mummy program, after finding the company just one day after deciding to leave her husband.

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“The moment I ended the marriage I felt a tonne of bricks was lifted off my shoulders and I saw life exactly how it was,” she says.

“There was no rose coloured glasses and I saw myself exactly as I was.”

What followed was the then-25-year-old committing fully to the complete lifestyle change and losing an initial 20kg in the first five months.

As part of the program, Melanie traded regular meal-skipping and otherwise over-sized portions for smaller meals and healthy snacks.

Included in this is a regular breakfast of poached egg, roast tomato, spinach and bacon, while lunch consisted of leftovers of a dinner usually made up of Mexican food, casserole, and Thai salads.

Melanie, 29, weighed more than 143kg at her heaviest, a time which she says was consumed by ‘negativity’ and ‘no confidence’. Photo: The Healthy Mummy

Snacks have also not been banished and Melanie now munches on apples, crackers and cheese between meals.

“I refuse to feel guilty about eating food,” she says.

“This whole guilt thing I used to have that all the time but now I just eat what I want to eat and then the next meal I’m back to eating my normal, healthy food.”

Almost four years since starting the program Melanie has only grown more committed to the program which has since seen her now weigh 77kg.

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“I had no expectations when I started to be absolutely truthful and then just went on and started to really lose weight,” she says.

“Before I was a really negative person and that was because of how people reacted to me - or so I thought.

“Now I just really welcome every experience I get and have learned to nourish your body and listen to it because that’s the most important part of this whole thing.”