Simon Cowell's son Eric makes unexpected TV appearance - and he's just like his dad

Eric Cowell on britain's got talent alongside his dad simon

Simon Cowell's son Eric and Amanda Holden's daughter Hollie stormed the Britain's Got Talent judges table for an epic Golden Buzzer moment.

Amanda Holden took to Instagram on Sunday to share a cute video of her daughter Hollie and Simon Cowell's son Eric leaping up from their seats to press the Golden Buzzer, and from her caption, it would appear that she wasn't in on the secret.

The 53-year-old BGT judge wrote: "I mean … I thought I was going to get fired as it was so unexpected my #HRH & Eric x even @simoncowell was wobbled but they have the first ever audience GOLDEN BUZZER."

For those of you who missed it, Japanese skipping act Haribow took to the stage in the latest episode, whipping the audience up in a frenzy. The crowd begged the judges to give them a Golden Buzzer - but all of them had already been used.

As the crowd's chants grew louder, Simon said he had "never heard a reaction like that before" before gesturing to his 10-year-old off-spring to push the button.

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Comments have flooded in about the shock moment the kids jumped up, with one fan writing: "So well deserved what an amazing act! The kids got it right."

While another thought it might have looked a little polished, writing: "Seemed a trifle staged."

Another wrote: "This was incredible. Both gorgeous kids and you could see just how much they enjoyed being part of it."

Piers Morgan's son Spencer even commented, joking: "Wish kids golden buzzer was a thing when dad was a judge."

Eric was dressed in a red knitted jumper and viewers will have been shocked to see how big he is now, and also how much of a mini-me he is to his famous dad. Eric is the music mogul's first and only child that he shares with his partner Lauren Silverman.

The moment Eric and Hollie leapt up from their seats
The moment Eric and Hollie leapt up from their seats (Instagram)

It would appear from this sweet moment on the show that Eric has a close bond with Simon's co-host Alesha Dixon, rushing to give her a high five after he'd pressed the buzzer.

Eric Cowell with Alesha Dixon
Eric Cowell with Alesha Dixon

It's not the first time Simon's kid has appeared on the show. He first appeared on the show in 2017, when he helped his famous dad out with the judging as he tucked into some satsumas.

The young lad once again took the judging panel by storm in 2018, this time on BGT, and it seems that Eric has his eyes on his dad's job, telling Amanda Holden: "I am daddy's job now."

Now he's pressed the Golden Buzzer, maybe he'll get a seat at the judge's table next.

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