Silicone toilet brushes surging in popularity - so what's all the fuss about?

Amazon silicone toilet brush
Using a silicone toilet brush is a way more hygienic way to clean your loo. (Getty Images)

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Let's face it, cleaning the loo has to be one of the worst, most dreaded household chores. So if there's something that can make it easier and more hygienic, we're here for it.

With the 'Queen of Clean' Lynsey Crombie recommending this silicone ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush last year on This Morning, hailing it as a must-buy, the product quickly racked up loads of purchasers but also many thousands of four and five-star reviews.

Silicone toilet brushes are having a surge of popularity at the moment. Why? They're easier to clean than the normal bristle toilet brushes, which means they're less germy.

They dry quicker, too, meaning they're less likely to be festering in unclean water. And because they don't start to smell as quickly and they last longer, you won't need to replace a silicone toilet brush as often.

It comes in three colours - rose gold, silver and white - but the white version of Crombie's favourite Amazon silicone toilet brush is currently discounted as an early Prime Day 2022 deal (the price has been slashed to £9.99 from £14.99).

So there's never been a better time to give your loo cleaning kit an upgrade.

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The silicone toilet brush comes in three colourways to match any bathroom set. (GC Images)

Why we rate it

You don't need to put the elbow grease into cleaning your loo with this silicone toilet brush - in fact the brand says that the lighter the touch, the better the cleaning results.

The brand also claims that the flexible brush will never wear out, or change its shape which means you'll get years of perfect, hygienic cleaning out of it.

The ergonomic handle is so user-friendly that it will also apparently cut your cleaning time.

And the brush-holder helps the brush to dry faster - it has been cleverly designed to have ventilation through the upper and lower ends (it has a drip tray at the bottom).

But, unlike standard loo brush holders, you'll never get a buildup of dirty water. Meaning the brush isn't festering in germ-ridden water, and it's super easy to keep clean.

You can even attach it discreetly to your wall if you want to, as it comes with a square rubber bracket.

What the reviews say

With over 37,700 ratings, the silicone toilet brush is clearly causing a sensation - in the best possible way.

Many shoppers commented they can't believe they're reviewing a 'bog brush' but it's so good they felt they had to. In fact, one person said they'd 'never been so excited' about a toilet brush, while another said they purchased it after seeing it in the toilet of a 5-star hotel they stayed at.

Happy users love the fact that there's no water build-up in the holder, that their loos feel much cleaner and more hygienic, and that you can hang it on the wall so there's no more tripping over it on those half-asleep loo visits during the night.

With other comments like "blown away", "best I've used", "love this toilet brush", "smart, practical efficient" and "this is brilliant!", it's clear that the dreaded toilet cleaning chore has just become less of a hassle and way more hygienic.

Buy it now: ASOBEAGE Toilet Brush, Deep Cleaner Silicone Toilet Brush | £9.89 (was £14.99) from Amazon

amazon silicone toilet brush
amazon silicone toilet brush

£9.89 £14.99 at Amazon

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