Keeping their secrets and not flirting with their partner - signs you're a good friend

A new survey has found the 20 signs you're a good friend. (Getty Images)
A new survey has found the 20 signs you're a good friend. (Getty Images)

Good friends are some of the pillars of what makes life so lovely - when you are lucky enough to have them you want to hold onto them as tightly as possible. But, what makes a good friend and how do you know if you are one?

A new survey has found 20 things that make someone a good pal, including being able to keep a secret, not flirting with their other half - and never posting pictures of them on social media.

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Nearly half of the female respondents to the survey, from florist Bloom & Wild, said that their relationship with their best friend is the most important in their life, with 13% putting it above their relationship with the parents and 12% putting it above their relationship with their partner.

Nearly two thirds of respondents (63%) said keeping their secrets was the top sign you are a good friend, with 51% revealing that their friends know things about them that their partner doesn’t.

Over half of respondents (55%) said that the sign of a true pal is that they pick up the phone whenever needed, while a further 55% say never judging a bad decision is a clear sign your friend is a good’un.

Always having your friend’s back was important to 53% of respondents, while telling your friend when they have been an idiot was cited as vital by 50%.

two female friends laughing with wine
Keeping a secret is the top sign of a good friend. (Getty Images)

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The survey also revealed the average number of close friends females have. While women have an average of 159 online connections, they only have five people they truly trust in real life.

Interestingly, the average Brit also met their best friend when they were aged 18.

The majority of respondents (94%) said that they can go for months without seeing their best friend, but when they do see each other it’s like nothing has changed.

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If you're still curious as to whether you would be considered a 'good friend', here are the full list of signs that you are.

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20 signs that you are a good friend

  1. You keep secrets – 63%

  2. You drop everything if your friend is in need – 57%

  3. You pick up the phone when needed – 55%

  4. You never judge a bad decision – 55%

  5. You always have a friend’s back – 53%

  6. You tell a friend if they’re being an idiot – 50%

  7. You never forget a friend’s birthday – 49%

  8. You tell a friend if they have food in their teeth – 49%

  9. You cover for a friend if they’re in trouble – 46%

  10. You never flirt with a friend’s other half – 46%

  11. You always respond to their messages – 44%

  12. You have the same sense of humour – 44%

  13. You support a diet or health kick – 42%

  14. You share private jokes – 30%

  15. You get on with a friend’s other half – 25%

  16. You never post a bad image of a friend to social media – 25%

  17. Help a friend snoop on a partner’s ex on social media – 14%

  18. You always take a friend’s side in an argument – 14%

  19. You share clothes – 10%

  20. You will lend a friend money – 9%