Should onions be kept in the fridge? The expert verdict on how to store the vegetable

There's been debate online about whether onions should be stored in or out of the fridge. (Getty Images)

While you've probably not thought about whether you should or shouldn't keep onions in the fridge, it's a dilemma the internet has been crunching over.

The discussion was sparked by Megan McKenna who gave fans a peek into her fridge in an Instagram post.

Social media users spotted that the reality TV star had several onions stored away in a drawer and questioned whether it was the best spot in the kitchen for the produce.

One person wrote "I love a bit of organising, I've never kept onions in the fridge though," while another commented "not onions in the fridge, dark cold place is fine".

A third added: "I heard once it’s bad to keep onions in the fridge because it’s the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in between the layers."

To clear up the confusion, we've turned to the experts to find out how best to keep the handy cooking ingredient fresh.

Should onions be kept in the fridge?

According to Dennis Littley, who has worked as a classically trained chef for more than 40 years, they should be kept outside of the fridge.

He reveals: "Onions are best stored outside the refrigerator, preferably in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated place. This is because onions require air circulation to keep them fresh and maintain their flavour.

"Storing onions in a dark environment prevents them from sprouting, which can happen if they are exposed to light for prolonged periods.

"When you store onions in the refrigerator, the cold and humid conditions can cause them to become soft and mushy more quickly.

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"Additionally, the odour of onions can be absorbed by other foods in the fridge, potentially affecting their taste."

However, Littley notes that the exception is if you have a partially used onion that you want to save for another meal.

He explains: "It's better to store the remaining portion in the refrigerator. Wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or store it in an airtight container to prevent the smell from spreading to other items in your fridge.

"This will help preserve the freshness and flavour of the cut onion for a few days."

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