Cadbury's settle debate on whether chocolate should be kept in the cupboard or the fridge

The debate has divided households for some time. (Getty Images)
The debate has divided households for some time. (Getty Images)

As far as household debates go, the chocolate storage argument is up there with where the ketchup should be kept.

Some people like their chocolate cold, giving it a snap-like effect when they eat it. Others prefer it to be easy on the teeth with more of a melt-in-the-mouth quality.

If you’ve spent years dividing up the chocolate between the fridge and the cupboard to satisfy the beliefs of your household, Cadbury has some news for you.

The answer? It should be kept in the cupboard.

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The confectioner was asked the question directly on Twitter (why haven’t we asked this question sooner?) and their team quickly settled the ongoing argument.

“Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21°C to ensure the quality isn’t compromised,” The Cadbury team answered.

There are people up and down the country running to tell their fridge-chocolate loving family members the good news right now.

The reason the question was asked in the first place was because the Twitter user, Bruno Bouchet, was putting together was he described as a “definitive list” on where household items should be stored.

He couldn’t possibly put the list together without knowing the true answer about chocolate, so he looked to Cadbury for assistance.

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After getting his answer, the self-proclaimed “List King” put together what he believed to be a “100% accurate and definitive list” of where stuff should go.

Although Bouchet made it clear that the list wasn’t “up for discussion”, we can’t help but question a couple of his choices.

The two biggest question marks fell upon the olive oil and coffee granules living in the fridge, a ruling which Twitter users were rather perplexed about.

“Coffee granules in the fridge? That's a no from me,” one confused tweet read.

“Lunacy! Coffee will draw moisture from the fridge & olive oil will solidify,” another said.

While it seems we’ve arrived at an answer for where the chocolate should live, the question has actually opened up a whole new - and entirely separate - debate.

And wait, is that butter... in the pantry?