Shoppers are ‘trampling’ each other to get Target’s Valentine’s Day Stanley cup colours

Target recently came out with limited edition Stanley cup colours for Valentine’s Day, and members of the tumbler’s large following are doing anything to get their hands on them.

Stanley cups have become the water bottle of the year, with everyone young and old asking for one for the holidays, according to the many videos about the trend on social media. For the chain’s Galentine’s collection, the food and beverage container brand released two Target-exclusive 40-ounce Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumblers. The tumblers come in Cosmo Pink and Target Red.

“Show your inner circle the love they deserve with Stanley’s exclusive Galentine’s Collection, only at Target,” the description begins on the store’s website. “Made to gift, a card label is included while a tiny heart adorns the Stanley logo. With a pop of pink and the perfect shade of red, let’s celebrate your gal pal by spreading the love!”

After the initial release of the product less than one week ago on 31 December, both colours appear to be sold out online and in many Target locations across the nation.

Many people have taken to TikTok to highlight the extreme lengths people are going to in order to purchase the $45 water bottle.

One video of the initial drop by Jazmin Hernandez featured a crowd of people in her Target running down the aisles and trying to get past others to make sure they left the store with the water bottle. “Getting trampled for a Target Stanley Valentine’s cup,” text on the screen read.

Hernandez’s video went on to receive over one million views, with many commenters baffled that people cared this much about the Stanley cup.

“I love Stanley but I will not do this for a cup,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “I just don’t get it. I have one and I like it, but it’s the same as other cups I have? And I don’t feel the need to buy more. It’s a CUP.”

One video of the drop from Victoria Robino showed a close-up of a tiered stand in the middle of Target with a sign letting shoppers know that there was a limit of two cups per person. There was still a large crowd of people surrounding it, not afraid to reach over others in order to get the exact colour cup they wanted.

At the end of her clip, she revealed an empty display to let viewers know that the Stanley cups had sold out in just four minutes. Robino’s TikTok went on to receive over 18 million views.

Similar to other TikToks about the store’s launch, many commenters questioned why people care so much about a water bottle. “Stanley definitely knows what they are doing. Everyone and their mom wants one,” one comment began. “IDK I still can’t wrap my head around paying that much for a cup.”

“Am I missing something?” another commenter agreed. “Is it everyone’s goal to collect as many colours as you can or? Like what happens with the other cups you have? Do they just retire every time you get a new cup?”

Other commenters said the Stanley cup trend reminded them of when everyone used to be obsessed with Rae Dunn, a food and beverage container brand known for its white background with skinny black font over it.

“This is almost as embarrassing as Rae Dunn people,” one comment read, while another said: “Remember when people would do this for Rae Dunn items at Marshalls?”