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Shark's cordless vacuum has transformed cleaning for me - and it's now under £200

Why a cordless Shark vacuum is worth buying while it's on sale. (Yahoo UK).
Why a cordless Shark vacuum is worth buying while it's on sale. (Yahoo UK).

Not to be dramatic, but Shark’s cordless vacuum has changed my life. Vacuuming isn’t something I enjoy (I doubt many people do) but it’s a necessity – especially when you have a toddler and a pair of particularly hairy cats running amok, as I do.

For years, I heaved a cumbersome Dyson up and down the stairs but last Amazon Prime Day I decided enough was enough and it was time to treat myself to a cordless vacuum. A cleaner assured me a Shark design was just as efficient as a Dyson – but more affordable – so when one was discounted I promptly added the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to my basket.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Pet Cordless Vacuum: Quick overview

🛍️Product reviewed: Shark Deluxe Black Anti Hair Wrap Pet Cordless Vacuum
Tested it for: One year
Rating: 4/5
💸 Reasons to buy: A cordless vacuum is a game-changer, it’s also simple to use and lightweight
Reasons to avoid: The battery life only lasts around 20-30 minutes in my experience
💰 Best deal we've found: As part of Shark's end of year sale, the £279.99 vacuum is now reduced to £189.99

Fortunately my questionable DIY skills weren’t tested as assembly was a doddle. The main body of the vacuum simply clips together as do the trio of attachments it comes with.

Shark cordless vacuum propped up in a home. (Supplied)
Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the Shark cordless vacuum is a hit with everyone in my household - toddler included. (Yahoo Life UK)
Shark cordless vacuum attachment. (Supplied)
I use this attachment for hard-to-reach areas, such as alongside cabinets, and to spot clean. (Yahoo Life UK)

£189.99 £279.99 at Shark Browse all Shark deals

Charging it up was just as simple. The battery detaches from the top of the vacuum and is fully charged within a couple of hours of being plugged into the wall – or you can charge it up while it's still attached to the main body, as pictured below.

💸 Reasons to buy

It runs like a dream – incredibly lightweight (the top half is the heaviest section as it contains the battery) and easy to manoeuvre. The main stick attachment is very flat and can glide under cabinets, bookcases, sofas and tricky-to-reach places.

The LED headlights are a genius addition, allowing you to clearly see – and clean up – each bit of dirt in dark corners.

I use the small brush attachment to clean the sofa and another for the stairs and along skirting boards, making cleaning breakfast remnants and cat hair a doddle. The choice of attachments means there are plenty of easy-to-use options for sprucing up your car, too.

There are two speed settings: one for flooring and one for carpets. I have a mix of tiled and wooden flooring along with various textured rugs, and dirt easily lifts from each surface.

Shark cordless vacuum cleaning under a chair. (Supplied)
The LED light highlights dirt you may otherwise have missed. (Yahoo Life UK)
Close-up photo of Shark cordless vacuum. (Supplied)
The bin detaches easily to make emptying it a doddle. (Yahoo Life UK)
Shark vacuum attachment to clean soft furnishings. (Supplied)
This attachment's perfect for sucking up pet hair - and crumbs - on soft furnishings. (Yahoo Life UK)

It’s kitted out with a fancy-sounding Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, which is designed to capture up to 99% of dust and allergens. I have no way of telling it if lives up to the percentage but I will say the floors/upholstery I vacuum with it certainly look hair- and dirt-free once I’m finished.

Because of its clever anti-hair wrap functionality, no hairs (pet or human) get stuck in the bristles and wreak havoc.

Emptying the bin is simple – it unclips incredibly easily and you tip it out. Job done.

Reasons to avoid

So, what’s the downside? Of course there’s a con or two – nothing’s perfect. In the Shark Cordless Vacuum’s case, it’s the battery duration. If you’re giving your house a thorough clean, you’ll probably have to do a couple of rooms at a time as the battery lasts around 20-30 minutes in my experience (not quite the 40 minutes advertised) before dying out with no warning. But once you know to expect that, you can plan ahead and either do a speed clean or vacuum in two stages.

💰 Best deal we've found

If you're interested in upgrading your vacuum in the end of year sales, the Shark Cordless Vacuum has just been reduced by £90, taking it down down from £279.99 to £189.99 on Shark's website (which is the only place where this specific vacuum is still in stock). However, the deal will only run while stock lasts, so we'd add it to your basket rather swiftly.

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