Nine in 10 university students fail a basic sex education test

Directly Above Shot Of Condom Packets Over Pink Background
Directly Above Shot Of Condom Packets Over Pink Background

Nine out of 10 university students failed to pass a basic sex education test designed for teenagers.

This is according to a poll of 6,000 readers of student newspaper The Tab.

As part of the research, those polled were asked 12 questions surrounding sex and reproduction which were based on questions from the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum from the National Children's Bureau.

Questions included “Can you catch an STI if you have oral sex?" and “What type of contraception is put inside of the uterus?”.

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On average, respondents only managed to answer half of the questions correctly – and just 10% scored full marks.

Worryingly, half couldn’t label the vagina correctly and 88% thought female orgasmed less during sex than they actually do.

For those wanting to take the test for themselves, see the 12 questions below:

Sex education test

1) Which of these STIs are you more susceptible to if you shave off your pubic hair?

Pubic lice
Genital warts (correct)

2) Can you catch an STI if you have oral sex?

Yes (correct)

3) Put these in order of development:

Embryo, foetus, zygote
Zygote, embryo, foetus (correct)
Embryo, zygote, foetus
Foetus, embryo, zygote
Foetus, zygote, embryo

4) Which part of the female anatomy is this?

Labia minora (correct)
Labia majora

5) What is the maximum time that sperm can survive inside the female reproductive system?

12 hours
2 days
7 days (correct)

6) What is stealthing?

Stealing condoms
Not using a condom at all
Taking a condom off mid sex (correct)
Having sex with someone while they are asleep

7) What type of contraception is put inside of the uterus?

Contraceptive ring
IUD (correct)

8) True or false: Having chlamydia can make you become infertile

True (correct)

9) What percentage of women usually orgasm during intercourse?

60% (correct)

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10) Scientifically, what is the male g spot called?

The anal canal
The prostate (correct answer)
The gooch
The rectum

11) If HIV is undetectable, is it untransmittable?

Yes (correct)

12) In England, Scotland and Wales what is the latest time into pregnancy that you can have an abortion

23 weeks (correct)
16 weeks
9 weeks
18 weeks

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