'Serious actor' Pete Davidson

'Serious actor' Pete Davidson credit:Bang Showbiz
'Serious actor' Pete Davidson credit:Bang Showbiz

Pete Davidson is a "serious, focused actor".

The 28-year-old comedian and actor is best known for his work on comedy sketch show 'Saturday Night Live' but 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' co-star Rachel Sennott revealed she was shocked by his dramatic range.

She told Collider's Ladies Night: "Pete is someone that I went in with the most expectations of because there’s so much about him online or I’ve seen him perform on 'SNL'. I actually was always a fan of his comedy. I saw him tape one of his specials, because they did it at [Jimmy] Kimmel at NYU and I went. I have a Facebook status from years ago that was like, ‘Seeing Pete Davidson tonight!’ I think he is so funny in this movie, but I also thought he really did such a great job dramatically and that impressed me a lot. And I think he really is a serious actor. He was so focused."

Meanwhile, although she is receiving rave reviews for her work in 'Bodies Bodies Bodies', Sennott admitted that are some things in her earlier career that she is embarrassed about.

She said: "I did some embarrassing things. I sent an email to the casting director of the 'Twilight' movies because I was reading the 'Twilight' books being like, ‘I could be a really good background vampire.’ And it’s like, probably all I had to do was show up. But I was cold emailing people as a child. And honestly, sometimes a cold email works! So I think when I was a kid, I just wanted any way to break in, because I think that if you don’t come from the world of the industry, it’s sort of mystical where you’re like, ‘How do I even get in there?’”