Scientist's 'Kangaroo Time' Music Video Wins International 'Dance Your PhD' Contest

Scientist's 'Kangaroo Time' Music Video Wins International 'Dance Your PhD' Contest. Australia-based scientist Dr. Weliton Menário Costa has clinched the prestigious global "Dance Your PhD" competition with his colourful take on kangaroo behaviour. The PhD graduate from The Australian National University (ANU), who is also known as WELI, has created a four-minute video titled 'Kangaroo Time (Club Edit)' that has captivated audiences worldwide. The video features drag queens, Brazilian funk dancers, classical ballerinas, and more, all embodying the varied personality traits of Australian kangaroos. The diverse range of dance styles, from classical ballet to twerking, mirrors the nuanced personalities of kangaroos within their social circles. “Winning this contest is the equivalent of winning Eurovision for me,” says WELI. “I think it not only shows the incredible might of the research conducted here in Australia, but also how creative we are as a nation. Even us scientists!”. In the video, dancers show how kangaroos mimic and get along together in family and social groups. As 'Kangaroo Time' continues to make waves, however, WELI hints he may focus on his music career, with an upcoming EP titled 'Yours Academically, Dr WELI.' set for release. The original and club mixes together have even been played more than 7,000 times on Spotify. The video was produced by Nic Vevers and the Australian National University (ANU).