School removes a girl from class for having 'too short' trousers

A school girl was reportedly removed from lessons for having trousers that were 'too short' [Photo: Getty]

school girl was left feeling "angry and humiliated" after she was reportedly removed from class for wearing trousers that were slightly “too short.”

The year 11 pupil at George Spencer Academy, in Nottinghamshire, was allegedly taken out of class on Tuesday after it was deemed her M&S trousers weren’t the right length.

While she had worn the trousers with no problem last year, a spokesperson for the school revealed it had updated its uniform policy and trousers must now touch the top of shoes.

Speaking to the BBC, the child’s dad said being placed in another room with 15 other pupils had left his daughter upset.

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"They weren't fashion. They weren't ankle grabbers,” he told BBC.

"I think she had just slightly outgrown the trousers and they were just a little bit off the top of the shoe.

"That was enough for her to be singled out and put in isolation for the entirety of Tuesday."

He went on to suggest that parents rather than children should shoulder the blame for the length of their trousers.

Yahoo UK has contacted the school for comment, but when approached by the BBC, the school confirmed that its new uniform policy required trousers to be plain and to cover ankles and socks.

"The academy has updated its uniform policy to bring it in line with other schools. We don't make exceptions for any pupils," a spokeswoman said.

She went on to say the school would be happy to discuss the matter further with the girl's father.

The school girl was allegedly removed from class [Photo: Getty]

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The subject of school uniform is continually controversial.

Last month a single mum launched a campaign to reduce the cost of new school uniforms.

Tired of forking out funds for branded school uniforms, Claire Rigby started a petition on, in a bid to reduce the cost for struggling parents.

Another school sparked a debate after allowing male pupils to wear shorts this summer following a protest in which they wore skirts.

And in a pioneering move, the Welsh government announced they would be making all school uniforms in Wales gender neutral, a change which comes into effect from 1 September.