What Is Saturn Retrograde? All About It's Meaning and When It Occurs

Saturn goes into retrograde from June 29 until Nov. 15. Here's the deeper meaning behind the planetary retrograde

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Saturn Retrograde

Known as "the disciplinarian of the zodiac," Saturn is responsible for making sure things are in order.

The planet is in charge of responsibility, long-term goals, authority, status and mortality, so when all is going well, you can find yourself completing tasks at high speed, reaching big strides in the benchmarks of your five-year plan and possibly climbing the ladder at work.

Like other planets, however, Saturn can also go into retrograde, which can have you feeling a bit unstable and unfocused. Much like anything else the universe throws our way, Saturn retrograde can also be a time to re-shift and refocus.

Instead of being so laser-focused and unwavering when it comes to your daily tasks and overall goals, perhaps use that time to re-evaluate and redirect your energy in a way that ends up being the most beneficial to you.

With Saturn retrograde coming on June 29, we tapped astrologist Lisa Stardust to break down the meaning of the cosmic event.

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What is Saturn retrograde?

Saturn retrograde is an optical illusion in which the planet appears to be moving backward but is only moving slower in its solar orbit. During this time. the austere planet of responsibility slows down in the cosmos, making us more reflective and contemplative.

When is Saturn retrograde in 2024?

Saturn retrograde occurs every year. In 2024, it begins on June 29 and will last until Nov. 15.

Who will be affected by Saturn retrograde?

Though everyone will feel the effects of Saturn retrograde, mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces — as well as Capricorn and Aquarius — who are ruled by Saturn — will be especially impacted.

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But again, a retrograde can be used to reset things, so these signs should focus on the below:

Gemini: Try to level up at work. This is your opportunity to rise in the ranks and get the top brass to see you and perhaps even get a promotion.

Virgo: Always analytical and ready to solve any problem, sometimes your loved ones just need to connect with you on an emotional level, especially during moments of conflict. "Speak from the heart to define relationships," Stardust advises.

Sagittarius: Ever the adventurer, Sagittarians love to hop from one thing to the next. However, it may be time to find some roots. A deep dive to try and "find a connection with your family and ancestry" may end up being a worthwhile different type of adventure.

Pisces: "Adulting doesn’t mean you can’t have fun," urges Stardust. Try to "be easy on yourself" and tap into the things that bring you joy.

Capricorn: Another overly analytical Earth sign, it may be time to use those skills to better your relationships. Instead of beating around the bush, use the right and concise words to express your feelings.

Aquarius: Being altruistic is one of your sting suits, however, it's always good to show yourself the same love you show others. "Building confidence takes time, try to believe in yourself more," says Stardust.

What should you be focusing on during Saturn retrograde?

Any area of life is worth focusing on depending on your birth chart — but this transit makes people want to boss up and be in love.

Saturn retrograde pushes people to take the lead and speak their minds. Relationships and leadership skills are important to develop at this time because we are leaning into what we love most in life and making an effort to crush every endeavor we do.

What should you manifest during Saturn retrograde?

Use this as a time to understand life lessons and to find your place in life. Saturn retrograde isn’t a bad transit, it’s less austere and helpful. Since Saturn retrograde is in Pisces, it’s ideal to manifest love, work, and spirituality.

Commit to what you connect with on a soulful level and watch it grow. 

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What are some good crystals to have for Saturn retrograde?

Crystals and stones such as black tourmaline, obsidian and onyx are great to keep handy during Saturn retrograde because they absorb bad energies and can help you overcome obstacles. Garnet is also another one as it helps to bring success in times of adversity. 

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