Sarah Silverman breaks silence over controversial post about Israel-Hamas war

Sarah Silverman has admitted she made a mistake when she reshared a controversial post about the Israel-Hamas war on Instagram.

On 18 October, after Israel cut off water and electricity to Gaza amid the conflict, the comedian shared a post from an Israeli food vlogger who stated that Israel did not need to provide Gaza with those resources.

Silverman swiftly deleted the post but it was too late - she was inundated with backlash on social media. She later tried to explain that she was stoned when she shared the post, but that did little to calm the uproar.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Silverman claimed she did "the worst thing you can do" and reposted the message without reading it in full, adding, "I read just the top line and put it in my stories."

"I f**ked up," Silverman acknowledged. "I try not to define people by their worst moments. But it's gonna pass, or it won't. I can't control it."

The 53-year-old, who is Jewish, revealed that she has been reevaluating her persona as an outspoken comedian ever since.

"I know that I speak out about stuff, and that's a role that I've taken on," she said. "But there's a balance between that and centering yourself, or thinking that what you have to say is incredibly important."

Since the backlash, the Maestro actress has been trying to contain the urge to express her opinions on a public platform.

"I don't have to weigh in. This does not have to be my job," she stated. "There are f**king scholars. It's insane how everyone is an expert on this region now. I don't know how to solve this, but by the way, neither do you. Stop."