Who is Sarah Ferguson? Everything you need to know about the Duchess of York

Danielle Stacey
Royal Correspondent
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    Canadian Head of State
    you need to know? ........Danielle Stacey, Yahoo Style UK.....you're joking right?
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    Are you trying to garner some sliver of support for the upcoming wedding, Danielle? If so, this is not they way to go. Try this "Tax Payers No Longer Expected to Cough up For Royal Shin-Digs" and see how popular that article could be :)

    Is anybody organising a coach outta here for the wedding?
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    So she doesn't really work then? (Same as her brat's.)
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    Yahoo really is scraping the bottom of the barrel if this all they have to report on, and she is no longer a Duchess!
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    Glen Turnbull
    she is not a duchess.
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    So many words when 1 would suffice.
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    Very few people knew this-thank you Danielle and best of luck in your GCSEs.
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    She's a freeloader who thinks she's still royal!
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    Fergie is a brash greedy upmarket ? chav, a slapper pure and simple.
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    I feel sorry for all those who really can't be happy for someone else. The daughters of Sarah and Andrew went through a public hell when their parents separated and it must have been really hard for them to support both parents then and now since their mother has been truly ostracized from the royal family. Eugenie is a full princess and granddaughter of the Queen and I for one am very happy for her and look forward to seeing at least some of the wedding. What I don't get is the hate on for her and such strong support for Meghan who may in the end give you all a little surprise with her behavior.