Sabrina Bartlett has a 'really simple' skincare routine

Sabrina Bartlett loves a simple skincare routine credit:Bang Showbiz
Sabrina Bartlett loves a simple skincare routine credit:Bang Showbiz

Sabrina Bartlett has “a really simple” skincare regime.

The ‘Bridgerton’ star had to “strip back” her routine after suffering from a bout of dermatitis - a condition that causes flaky skin - so she only used “the bare minimum” and was thankful her skin was getting back to normal.

The 30-year-old actress told Country and Town House: “I tend to stick to a really simple routine to keep my skin clean and I don’t use multiple products. I actually had dermatitis this year and had to really strip back everything I was using to the bare minimum. Luckily, my skin is behaving itself these days!”

To stay in shape, Sabrina practices yoga and “religiously” attends teacher Emily Hughes’ online sessions - a lockdown discovery - and thinks everyone would benefit.

She said: “I discovered the most amazing yoga teacher, Emily Hughes, during the first lockdown, who has completely transformed my strength and tone. Emily has an online platform where people can come and take live classes and time out for themselves. I religiously attend her sessions. I’d highly recommend checking her out.”

For her best makeup tips, ‘The Larkins’ star opts for “colours that bring out the green” in her eyes, such as warm browns.

Sabrina said: “I just love any colours that bring out the green in my eyes. Chocolate or cappuccino tones in particular.”

The actress also confessed that her worst beauty habit is “falling asleep with a full face of make-up after a night out", but she thinks people can have fabulous hair both on and off duty.

She said: “If I want volume, I’m a big believer in sea salt spray to encourage wave and texture. Or if I’m on the go I usually whack a little Moroccan oil in my hair and swirl it into a low bun.”